[cc-humanrights] CCWP-HR Research: Call for volunteers (reply by 8th April) + Call Update

Coppens Pasteur NDAYIRAGIJE coppens.ndayiragije at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 7 06:31:36 UTC 2016

Dear all;

Due to current situation in my country Burundi, I am in conditions which do not allow me to make conveniently my contributions since last April 2015.

Briefly, I have fled the country between April and June last year. I returned back end of June 2015 expecting that my storm was over. I spent just a month in Burundi and I fled again for several times up and down. 

Last time as I have been keen informing you that I shall meet you in ICANN-55 Meeting in Marrakech, Morocco ; by surprise I was arrested home by the National  Police and the Presidential Police on 03.03.2016. One of my colleagues have sold me to the Police in order to replace me in the GAC and in all other Representations I am replresenting my country in the region. The reason even why I failed at the very last minute to attend Marrakech. I was released on 10.03.2016 and they have paid some amount of money to shoot me once I am out and the Almighty God has saved me. 

Briefly, this is my story and right now I am in a safe place hidden. 

Remember that I am not Politician and I do not belong to any kind of political matter. During the time I have spent in Spent in special police station (Documentation) I was accused so many things related to politics. 

I am really under chock now. 

BurundiX ASBL. 
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