[cc-humanrights] Agenda for Research group call on 5th August

vidushi at cis-india.org vidushi at cis-india.org
Thu Aug 4 05:17:48 UTC 2016

Dear All, 

Looking forward to the first call of the Research and PDP Group of the CCWP-HR tomorrow at 10:00 UTC. Please find below an agenda for the call:

1. Welcome
2. Update from informal session at Helsinki 
3. Report wise update:
       a. Human Rights and WHOIS report - Aarti
       b. Quantiative analysis of mailinglists and analysis of human rights - Stefania and Niels
       c. Short history of Human Rights in ICANN - Tatiana and Niels
       d. Social, Cultural and Economic impact of new gTLDs - Vidushi
4. AOB

There will be separate calls for the WS2 sub group, as well as a general call that will discuss and coordinate developments in both groups. Please find below the schedule of all calls: 

August 5 1000UTC - Subgroup 1 (research and PDPs)
August 12 1300UTC - Subgroup 2 (WS2)
August 26 1000 UTC - general call

September 2 1000UTC - Subgroup 1 (research and PDPs)
September 23 1000 UTC - general call

October 7 1000UTC - Subgroup 1 (research and PDPs)
October 14 1300UTC - Subgroup 2 (WS2)
October 21 1000 UTC - general call

November 3-9 ICANN Hyderabad

Best wishes, 


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