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Wasn't on the call but Tatiana I think is pointing the right way. They 
are two different things.  It seems to me that the commitment we need 
from the Board and perhaps the only one they might give at this stage 
until the FoI is undertaken is the commitment to the work in WS2.  It 
would be a little unusual for them to go further than that given they 
were already skeptical of the bylaw.  The second piece - ICANN's 
commitment to HR (not the Board's as it should be an organizational 
commitment) - would probably come as a result of the FoI.

On 11/02/2016 11:27, Tatiana Tropina via cc-humanrights3 wrote:
> Dear Niels, dear all,
> after reading this short email exchange with Michele, I realised that 
> may be we have to be clearer when we send the proposed wording of the 
> statement to the board. I suggest inclusion of the explanation "what 
> it means".
> Furthermore, after the call yesterday I am still not convinced that we 
> can be sure that the board wants to go further than the language 
> provided in the bylaw. I can suggest as an alternative solution that 
> we send two proposed statements: (1) the one we discussed on the call 
> and which is based on the bylaw (2) the statement on 
> operationalisation and assessment that we drafted after the call.
> In this case, depending on what was the notion behind making this 
> statement, the board can either chose one of them or draft a 
> combination of two.
> What do you think?
> Cheers
> Tanya
> On 10 February 2016 at 16:29, Niels ten Oever via cc-humanrights3 
> <cc-humanrights3 at icann.org <mailto:cc-humanrights3 at icann.org>> wrote:
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>     Hi Michele,
>     This statement means that the ICANN board will:
>     1. operationalize it's commitment to human rights
>     2. contribute to a Human Rights Impact Assessment with the community
>     of stakeholders
>     3. contribute to the development of a Human Rights Policy with the
>     community of stakeholders
>     4. work on a process for remediation.
>     Does this make it more clear? If not, can you make your question a bit
>     more precise?
>     Best,
>     Niels
>     Niels ten Oever
>     Head of Digital
>     Article 19
>     www.article19.org <http://www.article19.org>
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>     On 02/10/2016 04:24 PM, Michele Neylon - Blacknight wrote:
>     > The board of ICANN commits to take concrete steps to
>     >>> operationalize its core value of respecting human rights
>     >>> within ICANN's mission. The steps will include working together
>     >>> with the community to understand the potential human rights
>     >>> impacts of its operations through a human rights impact
>     >>> assessment, engagement of the board, management, staff and
>     >>> stakeholders toward a common understanding of priority human
>     >>> rights issues, and putting in place a human rights policy to
>     >>> address the priority issues.
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