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Hi Michele,

On 02/11/2016 12:33 PM, Michele Neylon - Blacknight wrote:
> Tanya
> Exactly
> The proposed wording at the moment isn’t very clear to me.
> “operationalise its commitment to human rights” - whose? How? Are
> you talking about ICANN the corporate entity? The community? Are
> you trying to make something binding on contracted parties? What?

Nope, operationalizing the boards commitment. It's a statement by the

> “contribute to a Human Rights Impact Assessment with the community
> of stakeholders” - again this is unclear. Does it refer to the
> ICANN corporate entity? ICANN policies? ICANN contracts? What?

ICANN Corporate entity.

> “work on a process for remediation” - remediation of what?

Human rights impact, as per the third pillar of the Ruggie Principles.

> I’ve read and re-read that draft language several times and it’s
> not clear to me at all

Hope it's clearer now.


> Regards
> Michele
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> Dear Niels, dear all, after reading this short email exchange with
> Michele, I realised that may be we have to be clearer when we send
> the proposed wording of the statement to the board. I suggest
> inclusion of the explanation "what it means". Furthermore, after
> the call yesterday I am still not convinced that we can be sure
> that the board wants to go further than the language provided in
> the bylaw. I can suggest as an alternative solution that we send
> two proposed statements: (1) the one we discussed on the call and 
> which is based on the bylaw (2) the statement on operationalisation
> and assessment that we drafted after the call. In this case,
> depending on what was the notion behind making this statement, the
> board can either chose one of them or draft a combination of two. 
> What do you think? Cheers Tanya
> On 10 February 2016 at 16:29, Niels ten Oever via cc-humanrights3 
> <cc-humanrights3 at icann.org <mailto:cc-humanrights3 at icann.org>>
> wrote:
> Hi Michele,
> This statement means that the ICANN board will:
> 1. operationalize it's commitment to human rights 2. contribute to
> a Human Rights Impact Assessment with the community of
> stakeholders 3. contribute to the development of a Human Rights
> Policy with the community of stakeholders 4. work on a process for
> remediation.
> Does this make it more clear? If not, can you make your question a
> bit more precise?
> Best,
> Niels
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> On 02/10/2016 04:24 PM, Michele Neylon - Blacknight wrote:
>> The board of ICANN commits to take concrete steps to
>>>> operationalize its core value of respecting human rights 
>>>> within ICANN's mission. The steps will include working
>>>> together with the community to understand the potential human
>>>> rights impacts of its operations through a human rights
>>>> impact assessment, engagement of the board, management, staff
>>>> and stakeholders toward a common understanding of priority
>>>> human rights issues, and putting in place a human rights
>>>> policy to address the priority issues.
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