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Please find attached the outcome of the work of Sub Group 3 - Motoko
aims to also provide us with a narrative and some slides before our
meeting today at 16:00 UTC

All comments welcome!



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On 02/26/2016 01:53 PM, vidushi at cis-india.org wrote:
> In attempting to document cases and examples in which ICANN is potentially impacting human rights, SG2 has focused on mapping out foreseeable harms under various heads such as free speech harms, access to medicines, the right to participation, the right to be represented, the freedom of association etc. Through our research we look to point specifically to those instances in which ICANN policies have not considered implications, like the final report of the geographic regions review working group, which says that "The Community wants to minimize any changes to the current structure", but a closer reading and analysis shows that the current geographic structure can in fact, adversely impact the ability of Internet users and organisations in some countries to associate within their actual communities in a region. We will present an analysis based on 4 topics: 
> 1.	The Final Issue Report on a PDP to review all RPMS in all gTLDs
> 2.	Geographic Regions Review Working Group
> 3.	Name Collisions Management Framework
> 4.	UDRP, including the new rules that have come into effect since July 31, 2015.
> Best wishes, 
> Vidushi Marda
> ----- On Feb 26, 2016, at 6:17 AM, Jeremy Malcolm jmalcolm at eff.org wrote:
>> On 23/02/2016 5:10 AM, Niels ten Oever wrote:
>>> I would like to request the subgroups to write up a short summary of
>>> what they will present at our session in Marakesh.
>>> Intermediary Liability and its impact on human rights
>>> (Jeremy Malcolm)                10 minutes
>>> It would be great if everyone listed here could write a short
>>> paragraph about the content that they would like to present
>>> (preferably even with slides) so we can decide what and how we will
>>> present to the joint session with the  GAC.
>> "Domain name registries and registrars are encountering increasing
>> pressure to effectively censor online speech, by means of suspending or
>> cancelling the domain names associated with the websites that host that
>> speech. This pressure can take the form of the threat of legal
>> liability, but - since registrars and registries seldom actually host
>> any infringing speech - more often there is soft pressure to comply with
>> rightsholder and law enforcement demands.  This can be even more
>> insidious, because their compliance with such soft pressure lacks the
>> checks and balances associated with the rule of law, such as a
>> court-ordered takedown.  The Manila Principles on Intermediary Liability
>> speak to this situation, providing best practice guidelines to
>> regulators, but also to intermediaries themselves about how to address
>> third-party demands for the restriction of online speech. This
>> presentation will critically examine how well existing industry
>> initiatives stack up against the recommendations of the Manila Principles."
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