[cc-humanrights] draft vizualization HR table

Niels ten Oever niels at article19.org
Fri May 6 11:25:29 UTC 2016

Hi all,

After talking through all the details of human rights and ICANN policy
with a designer she has taken a first stab at vizualizing the table.

Let me know what you all think and whether you like the direction in
which she is thinking.

Suggestions, questions, remarks are very welcome.

All the best,


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To: 	Niels ten Oever <niels at article19.org>

Dear Niels,

as promised, I'm sharing with you a first draft of the poster.
This is what I thought and came out with:

I see the structure of the information as a dendrogram. We have in fact
different levels of information, with specific contents for each point.
I still have to figure out how to include specific contents of a
subtopic ("Rights protection mechanism", in "freedom of expression),
which includes more specifics at a first level. I see it as another
layer, distinct from the others, maybe you can help me with this.
Overall, I think it will look good also in a vertical flow. We can
discuss this together, according to the final output.

I have an idea in order to make the contents more understandable for a
general, non specific public (as me). As there is a lot of space that we
can use in the infographic, perhaps we could built a glossary which will
explain the acronyms used (and maybe a short description of each one).
This will help to create a basic background and get people more familiar
with the topic.

I look forward to hear your feedbacks and comments,

Best regards!

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