[cc-humanrights] [Feedback period till 17 Feb] February 2017 Draft : Economic, Social, Cultural Rights at ICANN

Vidushi Marda vidushi at cis-india.org
Tue Feb 7 12:58:14 UTC 2017

Dear Colleagues,

Hope this email finds you all well.

Here is the second draft of the report on Economic, Social and Cultural
Rights at ICANN:

It is significantly reworked from the last draft. Many thanks to James,
Rafik, Deborah and Tatiana for their excellent insight and comments, I
have resolved all comments on the draft except those that I think will
require a little more discussion/analysis.

I'd like to set the feedback period for this version from 7th February -
17th February.

Curious to hear your thoughts and look forward to discussing this further.


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