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Niels ten Oever niels at article19.org
Mon Jan 23 08:53:01 UTC 2017

Dear Chinmayi,

Thanks for letting us know. Of course we will very much miss Aarti's
contribution to the group, but we will welcome Aarti's replacement. They
will have some big shoes to fill though ;)

All the best,


Niels ten Oever
Head of Digital

Article 19

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On 01/21/2017 02:00 PM, Chinmayi Arun wrote:
> Dear Niels, 
> I wanted to let you know that since Aarti is in the process of exiting
> CCG, we will be reassigning the WHOIS and privacy paper to someone else
> (with due acknowledgement of Aarti's work on it of course). The
> co-author of the paper and privacy expert,  Kritika  is still with us
> and Aarti is being generous with her support through the transition
> process, so that should offer some continuity.
> We are conversation with a consultant who has prior experience working
> with ICANN and with long form writing. If that goes well, I think the
> paper should get done in the near future. Puneeth, CCG's Internet
> Governance Project Manager, will be in touch about deadlines once we
> have some clarity on whether the consultant is willing to take this on.
> Warm regards,
> Chinmayi
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> On Fri, Jan 20, 2017 at 7:02 PM, Niels ten Oever <niels at article19.org
> <mailto:niels at article19.org>> wrote:
>     Hi all,
>     Since it were only Vidushi and me on the call we went ahead and went
>     over the different points:
>     - Website
>     We decided to go ahead, we should have had a website a while ago, so
>     let's make this happen. While Niels is working on the website technology
>     we'll plan a content sprint, so we can jointly write content for the
>     website, as to populate it.
>     - Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Draft
>     Vidushi will need a week to make the document a bit more mature, and
>     then we'll officially open it for comments in our group for adoption as
>     Working Party document, after that we would do at least on more round of
>     reviews before we would release it (hopefully before Copenhagen so we
>     can present it there).
>     - WHOIS and Privacy
>     Aarti would offer a next iteration this paper, is there any news on
>     that?
>     - ICANN and Human Rights Impact Assessments
>     Rachel would offer a draft for this process, is there any news on that?
>     - The Webinar on community TLDs and Human Rights
>     The Webinar was really well attended and there seemed to be full
>     consensus that the community TLD application procedure needs to change.
>     We offered to also discuss this in Copenhagen, but what could be
>     concrete next steps and additions? Open for ideas and suggestions.
>     Operations:
>     - Niels applied for a 90 minutes session for CCWP-HR on Monday or
>     Wednesday during the Copenhagen meeting.
>     Update CCWG:
>     - In the CCWG on enhancing ICANN accountability subgroup on Human Rights
>     a Framework of Interpretation was developed. This had two readings in
>     the CCWG plenary and now will be offered soon for public comment. The
>     Public Comment will still be open during the Copenhagen meeting, so I
>     propose we also make some time to discuss this in Copenhagen.
>     That's all for now, looking forward to hear from you all.
>     Best,
>     Niels
>     PS I just published an article with Stefania on ICANN and Human Rights,
>     might be of your interest: https://t.co/57VLYhOsUD
>     PS2 We also features in GISWatch
>     http://www.giswatch.org/en/economic-social-and-cultural-rights-escrs/visualising-human-rights-icann
>     <http://www.giswatch.org/en/economic-social-and-cultural-rights-escrs/visualising-human-rights-icann>
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