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Akriti Bopanna akriti at cis-india.org
Wed Nov 7 05:36:34 UTC 2018

Hi everyone,

Thanks to Collin for the updates! It was great to meet her and everyone 
else who attended the CCWP meeting at ICANN63. The diversity analysis I 
presented in Barcelona sparked conversations about its importance and 
its significance in the multistakeholder model. At the Centre for 
Internet and Society (Bangalore, India), we have over the years been 
working towards improving ICANN's accountability, transparency and 
diversity. In furtherance of that, I would like to be more engaged 
personally by being considered for the position of the Co-chair.


Akriti Bopanna,

Policy Officer,

Centre for Internet and Society

On 06/11/2018 23:09, Collin Kurre wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> First, a special welcome to our new members, from across stakeholder 
> groups and around the world. I look forward to working with you!
> I’m pleased to report that great progress was made at ICANN63 in 
> Barcelona. Some highlights:
> - *WS2 recommendations have now been approved by all Supporting 
> Organizations and Advisory Committees.* It's not yet clear what the 
> timeline for final approval by the Board is as far as I know — please 
> chime in if you have additional information.
> - *Human Rights Impact Assessments were a major topic in the NCSG’s 
> meeting with the ICANN Board* – video 
> <https://livestream.com/icannmeeting/events/8416046/videos/182340946> (starts 
> at 33:38) We also had a constructive exchange with Ergys and Betsy 
> from ICANN’s Public Responsibility team during our CCWP-HR session, 
> where we confirmed that both the methodology and the unredacted 
> results from the assessment will be made public once it has wrapped up.
> -*HRIAs also featured in ICANN CEO Göran Marby’s opening remarks* 
> during the ICANN63 Welcome Ceremony, a clear indication of the 
> community’s success in putting human rights on the agenda:
>     /“One thing I also want to mention that is dear to my heart is
>     that – surprising to many of you — we have done something that
>     we’ve never done before; and that’s a human rights assessment of
>     ICANN org. It’s only ICANN org, but what we’re doing right now is
>     trying to measure ourselves so that when we do things, we do them
>     according to the principles of human rights. We are a technical
>     organization, but by your instruction in the community, we were
>     performed to do this, and I’m very proud that we’re working on it.“/
>     video
>     <https://livestream.com/icannmeeting/events/8415981/videos/182270817> (starts
>     at 41:56)
> However — it’s very important to reiterate that */ICANN’s HRIA d/*/oes 
> not cover DNS policy, /which has obvious implications for freedom of 
> expression, privacy, and numerous other rights. (Learn more in the 
> CCWP-HR’s latest paper 
> <https://icannhumanrights.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/ICANN-PDPs-and-Human-Rights-CCWP-HR-Sept-2018.pdf> on 
> human rights impacts of ongoing PDPs.) So where’s the HRIA to assess 
> the impacts of ICANN’s policies and ensure that they live up to the 
> Human Rights Bylaw? It’s up to us to create it! A lot of new ideas 
> about how to do this cropped up in Barcelona — I’ll follow up on that 
> in another email in the coming days.
> On a more macro level, there are currently many conversations underway 
> within the GNSO and the broader community about improving the 
> efficiency and effectiveness of consensus-based community policy 
> development processes. We touched on the subject of the GNSO’s “PDP 
> 3.0” as it may be articulated with the Human Rights Bylaw in our 
> September 
> <https://community.icann.org/display/gnsononcomstake/Meeting+Notes> call, 
> and discussed the relationship between bottom-up consensus and WS2 
> recommendations on diversity and transparency in Barcelona. The 
> evolution of ICANN’s multistakeholder model, particularly as it 
> relates to the new standards for human rights, diversity, 
> transparency, and accountability, will be an important topic to keep 
> track of as conversations evolve.
> To wrap up, I have an announcement: *we’re seeking a Co-Chair!* Please 
> get in touch if you are interested.
> A big *THANK YOU* to Michael Karanicolas, who stepped down during our 
> meeting in Barcelona. We, and I, appreciate the contributions you made 
> over the past year and hope you’ll stick around. Your expertise on 
> transparency and open data are a real asset to this community.
> Greetings from London,
> Collin Kurre
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