[cc-humanrights] Trial HRIA update + next call

Collin Kurre collin at article19.org
Thu Feb 14 19:26:30 UTC 2019

Dear colleagues,

I’m pleased to announce that our trial Human Rights Impact Assessment on the Subsequent Procedures PDP is now ready for comments! 

Before you click the link, please note:
   - The issues listed in the document are neither definitive nor comprehensive, and
   - This is a draft methodology with room for improvement. Dive right in!

Our next CCWP-HR call will be held Wednesday 20 February at 1400 UTC (calendar invite attached). This call will feature a brief presentation about how the HRIA models have evolved over time, but it will largely be dedicated to community discussion on the opportunities, challenges, and overall viability of the latest model. Members who have been active in the Sub Pros PDP are encouraged to attend.

Please feel free to share your impressions and questions on-list beforehand, or leave comments directly in the spreadsheet that we can address during the call.

Many thanks, see you next week,


Suggested Workflow for Trial ICANN Policy HRIA

Identify PDP for trial: Subsequent Procedures ✔️
Gather and review resources on select PDP. This will be an important step for members who aren’t currently active in the target PDP. Shared folders and communication channels will be established to promote knowledge exchange. ✔️
HRIA Team attends at least 3 meetings of the PDP to get a feel for the group’s status and key players. Newcomers will also have the opportunity to shadow veterans and observe the PDP process in action. ✔️
Jointly determine the best approach for carrying out the assessment based on shared experiences in the target PDP. Example methodologies: direct participation, interviews, mailing list reviews, desk research, or any combination thereof. We can dedicate one of our CCWP-HR calls to this discussion.
Complete and publish assessment with the methodology clearly explained in an annex.
Repeat! Building on lessons learned in the first trial.

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