[cc-humanrights] ICANN Org HRIA + update on community model

Collin Kurre collin at article19.org
Thu May 16 18:17:44 UTC 2019

Dear colleagues,

ICANN Org has published the Human Rights Impact Assessment carried out
on its operations. Find the announcement and link to the report here:

I personally find the formatting of the report to be rather confusing.
At first read, I would have liked to see additional focus on the
methodology and substance of the assessment itself. An explanation about
how impacts were measured and prioritized would have been good, along
with additional details about the "Impact Assessment Frameworks"
developed for each of the four assessment areas (Human Resources, Event
Planning, Procurement, and Security Operations).

Please share any additional thoughts or questions you may have and I
will relay them to ICANN Staff and Löning, the assessment practitioner.

On a related note, for those of you who missed the CCWP-HR call
yesterday, new guidance has been produced about how to complete our PDP
Human Rights Impact Assessment tool. [0] It can be found attached to
this email as a PDF, or in the second tab of the Sub Pros trial HRIA:

As always, feel free to leave comments or make any updates or
modifications as you see fit. Akriti and I are working on the final
report of this first trial run, and will be in touch shortly about the
next assessments. Let us know if you'd like to get involved in this work
— particularly if you're already engaging in PDPs!

Kind regards,

[0] Find a retrospective of past HRIA iterations here:

Collin Kurre
Digital Program Officer

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