[cc-humanrights] Human Rights Analysis of SSAD & ODA Reports

Ephraim Percy Kenyanito hello at ekenyanito.com
Sun May 29 12:23:06 UTC 2022

Dear team,

Hope you are all well.

This is in reference to previous conversations on the topic.

Franc (copied here in this email) has been helpful in looking through 
the documents.

Please find attached the analysis here: 

The document contains two sheets;

First, EPDP HRIA- analyses the EPDP Phase 2 Recommendations which inform 
the ODA Report.

Second, ODA HRIA- analyses the ODA Recommendations which aims to 
implement the EPDP Report.

FYI- The ODA Report is informed by the EPDP Report though in some 
instances ICANN might have misunderstood the EPDP Report and ICANN Board 
wrote to the GNSO Council raising this questions:


    Whether the ODA has correctly interpreted the intent of the SSAD
    recommendations in the proposed implementation;


    Whether the ODA has overlooked any key aspects of the SSAD
    recommendations that should be factored in by the ICANN Board when
    it considers the recommendations;


    Its view on the concerns identified by the ICANN Board and potential
    options that could be considered, either in the form of changes to
    the proposed implementation or the policy recommendations
    themselves, to address these concerns (note, these are expected to
    be high level suggestions at this stage);


    Any other aspects that help inform the Council’s deliberations and
    consultation with the ICANN Board.

For background here are the original documents that were being analysed:


    EPDP Phase 2 Final Report:


    ODA Final Report:

I look forward to your feedback as I begin working on the prose report 
which I hope to complete the first version by June 7^th and will be 
scheduled to be maximum 10 pages for transmission to the board via NCSG 
(which CCWP-HR is seated).

Please feel free to let me know in case of any questions.


Best Regards,


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