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Wed Apr 19 08:50:11 UTC 2017

Dear All,

_In case it could help and if not to late : _/
<mailto:ccwg-acctws2.jurisdiction.questionnaire at icann.org>/

*1.*   Has your business, your privacy or your ability to use or 
purchase domain name-related services been affected by ICANN's 
jurisdiction* in any way?

No/. The hanlding of complaints like Whois inaccuracy is improving.

*2. *Has ICANN's jurisdiction* affected any dispute resolution process 
or litigation related to domain names you have been involved in?


*3. *Do you have copies of and/or links to any verifiable reports of 
experiences of other parties that would be responsive to the questions 
above? /No.

*4 **a.*  Are you aware of any material, documented instance(s) where 
ICANN has been unable to pursue its Mission because of its 

*b. *Are you aware of and able to document the existence of an 
alternative jurisdiction where ICANN would not be so prevented from 
pursuing its Mission? /No.


All the Best,

Matthieu Aubert
Director of Legal Department • Manager of partner relations, SafeBrands

Line : +33 (0)4 88 66 22 12 
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Pôle Média de la Belle de Mai • 37 rue Guibal • 13003 Marseille • France


SafeBrands sera présent à *l'INTA Annual Meeting à Barcelone, du 20 au 
24 mai 2017
* Retrouvez-nous dans le *Hall 8.1 / Stand C61-C62 *

/Pour convenir d'un rendez-vous, vous pouvez me contacter dès à présent./


N.B : En application des principes de respect de l'équilibre vie privée 
vie professionnelle à SafeBrands, les mails qu'il m'arrive d'envoyer en 
dehors des heures ou jours ouvrables n'appellent pas de réponse immédiate.
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