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1.     Has your business, your privacy or your ability to use or purchase domain name-related services been affected by ICANN's jurisdiction* in any way?

R- No this this moment.

2.     Has ICANN's jurisdiction* affected any dispute resolution process or litigation related to domain names you have been involved in?

R - No, at least on my knowledge

3.     Do you have copies of and/or links to any verifiable reports of experiences of other parties that   would be responsive to the questions above?  If the answer is yes, please provide these copies and/or links.
R – No nothing to help

4.     4a.  Are you aware of any material, documented instance(s) where ICANN has been unable to pursue its Mission because of its jurisdiction? * If so, please provide documentation.

R- none to help.
4b.  Are you aware of and able to document the existence of an alternative jurisdiction where   ICANN would not be so prevented from pursuing its Mission? If so, please provide documentati
R – I believe any jurisdiction has its pros & cons, but we need to see how things will perform during Mr. Trump’s Administration in US. By now it is unpredictable if the reality we have seen till now under US jurisdiction will continue. It is, in my opinion too early to take any decision YES or NO for current or alternate jurisdiction due changes in several relevant countries occurring this and next year.

Best regards, below all my data.

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Sorry for any typos.
HAPPY 2017!

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