[Ccwg-auctionproceeds] Recordings, Attendance & AC Chat from CCWG Auction Proceeds call on Thursday, 25 May 2017 at 14:00 UTC

Julie Bisland julie.bisland at icann.org
Thu May 25 19:57:09 UTC 2017

Dear all,

Please find the attendance of the call attached to this email and the MP3 recording below for the CCWG Auction Proceeds call held on Thursday, 25 May 2017 at 14:00 UTC.

Mp3:           http://audio.icann.org/gnso/gnso-new-gtld-auction-proceeds-25may17-en.mp3

AC Recording:     https://participate.icann.org/p78jaobmeye/<https://participate.icann.org/p78jaobmeye/?OWASP_CSRFTOKEN=4020b23172121acd7b0f66f76a51ad1d0d7d98e9a0c0fd4d5acdc0813f5651bd>

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Kind regards,

Julie Bisland


Adobe Connect chat transcript for Thursday, 25 May 2017

Julie Bisland:Welcome to the CCWG New gTLD Auction Proceeds call on Thursday 25 May 2017 at 14:00 UTC for 90 minutes.

  Mary Uduma: Thanks Julie. was just trying my connectivity, here. will be back in 30 mins

  hadia Elminiawi:Good afternoon from Cairo

  Julie Bisland:Hello Hadia

  hadia Elminiawi:Hi Julie

  Julf Helsingius:Good afternoon

  Olga Cavalli - GAC Argentina 2:Hello all from Buenos Aires

  Julie Bisland:Hello Julf and Olga.  Welcome all!

  Olga Cavalli - GAC Argentina:thanks! today is our national independence day!

  Julf Helsingius:And Amsterdam is recovering form ManU-Ajax football finals last night

  Manal Ismail:Hello everyone :) !!

  Ching Chiao:Hi all

  Vanda Scartezini:hi everyone!

  Ching Chiao:dialing in

  elliot noss:good day

  Julf Helsingius:Oh, and Happy Towel Day!

  Erika Mann:I'm here . Will change location. Internet is bad today.

  Erika Mann:I'm here

  Erika Mann:We have Trump

  Vanda Scartezini:kkkkk

  Julf Helsingius:Erika: Loud and clear

  Maureen Hilyard:Very clear Erika

  Ching Chiao:Erika we can hear you very well

  Zain Khan:Hello amigos!  Im here now :)

  Sebastien (ALAC):ALl is good Erika

  Erika Mann:Thank you all!

  Asha Hemrajani:Good evening from Singapore, sorry I am a bit late

  Ching Chiao:Good evening Asha. Good to have you :)

  elliot noss:I liked manal's changes, particularly wrt our need for clarity on the mission (objective of fund)

  elliot noss:hi asha

  Asha Hemrajani:你好 Ching

  Asha Hemrajani:Hi Elliot

  Manal Ismail:I'm sorry Marika no I didn't see yit ..

  Stephanie Perrin:My apologies for being late.

  Vanda Scartezini:makes sense Erika

  Erika Mann:Have I lost you?

  Manal Ismail:I hope my point is clear and am sure Marika will do a great job :) .. don't want to waste time in word smithing .. happy to take it over email ..

  Vanda Scartezini:looks clear for me

  Maureen Hilyard:The additional text will help to clarify our process

  Ahmed Bakht:+1 to Manal

  hadia Elminiawi:+1 Erika , postpone the answer to the question

  Vanda Scartezini:+ 1 erika, it is too open now for find a commum solution

  Ahmed Bakht:+1

  hadia Elminiawi:to early to answer the question now

  Stephanie Perrin:Agree to defer

  Nadira AL-Araj:It would be better to have a wider perpsective on the different models available

  Maureen Hilyard:+1 Erika until we get further clarity

  Stephanie Perrin:We can certainly generate a parking lot of questions as they come up

  Julf Helsingius:agree

  hadia Elminiawi:+1 stephanie

  Vanda Scartezini:+1 Staphanie - parking lot is a good idea and make it easy to find

  Marika Konings:This is from the response to the Board: Concerning the suggested nominal goal for the overhead is no more than 5% by theICANN Board, the CCWG will definitely consider this input when it considers the relevantcharter questions as well as the elements the Board has suggested the proposedmechanism and/or process should include. Several CCWG members/participants didpoint out, however, that the overhead costs will depend on the actual mechanismrecommended as a result of the CCWG deliberations and may therefore vary from the5% recommended by the ICANN Board.

  Nadira AL-Araj:A these points are  good to prepare a framework to how to deal with the beneficiaries

  Ahmed Bakht:Comments from both sides are strong, however, my vote is for giving preference to developing economies because they already have certain constraints

  John Levine:It's OK to make it a consideration, very bad idea to reserve a fixed percentage

  Ching Chiao:agree with Alan

  hadia Elminiawi:+1 Alan to not restrict the use of the funds to any innovative possibilities

  Manal Ismail:Agree to keeping all doors open at this very early stage

  Vanda Scartezini:agree with Alan +  also underserved groups inside developed regions

  Mary Uduma:+1 at Alan and Manal

  Manal Ismail:+1 Elliot

  Ahmed Bakht:Seems some sound issue

  Asha Hemrajani:I would like to understand what everyone thinks about "giving priority/preference" to any one particular sector

  Nadira AL-Araj:One of the scenarios might come as recommendation from this group is to give the framework to an independent financial well established organization to deal with this fund according to the recommendations.  So it is better to keep everything is open as both Alen and Erika has mentioned.

  elliot noss:remember I am only limiting the comments to i) beneficiaries  >> organizations and ii) those in need

  elliot noss:I see nothing limiting there

  Becky Burr:maybe we should think about this in a different way.  The use of the funds has to be within ICANN's Mission, in addition, our Core Commitments require ICANN Seeking and supporting broad, informed participation reflecting thefunctional, geographic, and cultural diversity of the Internet at all levelsof policy development and decision-making to ensure that the bottomup,multistakeholder policy development process is used to ascertainthe global public interest and that those processes are accountableand transparent;

  Stephanie Perrin:I think that when we get down to the nitty gritty of evaluating the proposals, points would be given for local projects, in underdeveloped regions (covers all options there) and projects executed by locals.

  Stephanie Perrin:However I agree with Elliot that we need to bake that notion into the purpose

  Asha Hemrajani:So Elliott & Alan as a follow on from your comments, would you not support "giving priority or preference to any one particular group. Is my understanding correct?

  elliot noss:@asha I would give preference to those in need. this is NOT limiting. it is descriptive

  elliot noss:does anyone think differently?

  Ching Chiao:yup i agree with the need-based approach

  elliot noss:I am comfortable not leaving this open to someone doing cool research in the DNS in silicon valley which could be not for profit (as an example)

  Asha Hemrajani:@Elliott ok now I see what you mean. "those in need" is very broad and giving preference to "those in need" does not restrict.

  Asha Hemrajani:Thanks Alan, that is exactly what I wanted to clarify (from your perspective).

  Nadira AL-Araj:+1 Alan, those what we have to focus on the time being to define the general  purpose of this fund

  Asha Hemrajani:Thanks Alan, you got my question.

  Maureen Hilyard:I agree Erika to delay this decision I thnk that it is important that clear criteria and guidelines are required but these have yet to be established

  Erika Mann:Hadia!

  hadia Elminiawi:i am talking

  Becky Burr:most effectively and consistent with ICANN's Mission, Commitments, and Core Values, including seeking and supporting broad, informed participation reflecting thefunctional, geographic, and cultural diversity of the Internet

  Vanda Scartezini:totally agree with Alan... good projects shall have opportunity - so  no limitation by now

  hadia Elminiawi:ok

  Manal Ismail:can't hear u hadia ..

  Marika Konings:@Hadia - your mic doesn't appear active.

  hadia Elminiawi:Ok ill type my chat

  Erika Mann:We can't hear you!!!

  Marika Konings:Make sure it is connected (click on the phone symbol at the top). Alternatively we can also dial-out to you.

  elliot noss:no

  elliot noss:you misdescribed what I said erica

  hadia Elminiawi:apparently I have a problem with my mic

  Stephanie Perrin:+1 must be for those in need, not simply cool ideas

  Julf Helsingius:"need" is just tricky to define

  Julie Bisland:Hadia, i've sent you a private chat if you'd like the operator to dial out to you.

  Nadira AL-Araj:@Elliot, Sometime,  those in need might  not lead to development

  Becky Burr:I agree that we shouldn't fund projects that the applicant already has the means to accomplish, but I don't exactly know what "in need" means in all contexts

  elliot noss:@nadira agree. as I know you know better than me, development is hard

  Nadira AL-Araj:@Ellliot then it is better to put a framework that lead to some developments to those in need.

  elliot noss:that was NOT what I said

  elliot noss:@nadira I love that idea. I look forward to hearing specifics there

  Stephanie Perrin:I agree that in "need" can be tricky, and we do not want to preclude the development of tools somewhere, to help those in "need".  This is why baking th concept of underserved (need to find better words) is important.  This is not a research fund, in other words, for economies where research funds are available.

  Manal Ismail:I think it should go to cool/creative/innovative ideas (whatever we want to call them) which need the funding irrespective of where they come from ..

  Vanda Scartezini:good point ALAN,  new development  , innovation may also be considered

  hadia Elminiawi:And what if you have two beneficiaries in need one from an underepresnted community and one from a well represented community and you can allocate the money to only one, Which one of the beneficiaries will you choose?

  Jonathan Robinson:What about something core to SSR such as Root Servers? Would that qualify? Strikes me that we need to keep an opening for core SSR issues in either an R&D or operational context

  Nadira AL-Araj:as you've worte @elliot is not easy, but make sure to make the recievers have sustianble programs in thier proposals.

  elliot noss:again, I did not say anything about undeveloped regions

  Stephanie Perrin:I think we can see that this is going to be a highly controversial topic, whenever we get to it.

  Julf Helsingius:stephanie +1

  Asha Hemrajani:@elliot yes I know you didn't say undeveloped regions, I was referring to the text on the top line of this page

  Asha Hemrajani:"Should any priority or preference be given to organizations from developing economies, projects implemented in such regions and/or under-represented groups?"

  hadia Elminiawi:+1 core infrastructure projects

  Vanda Scartezini:guess we all agree the answer to this question is NO -

  Julf Helsingius:"parts of ICANN" is equally controversial

  Nadira AL-Araj:+1 Stephanie and that is why it is important to give it priority to discuss this issue

  Julf Helsingius:The more creative something is, the more likely it is to fail

  elliot noss:parts of ICANN is MUCH more controversial

  Asha Hemrajani:@elliot, we could consider adding something along the lines of "not funding projects that would normally be funded out of the ICANN budget"

  Asha Hemrajani:+1 Alan regarding operational funding

  Ching Chiao:If looking at the new gTLD process itself , we were talking about giving priority to certain "categories" of applicants. Eventually the prioirty (of delegation) was given to IDN applicants. Not necessarily related to the question here but  a decision made before

  Alan Greenberg:I do support using some of the funds to build up the ICANN reserve (which implicitly frees up operational funding) but if we figure out how to di this (as suggested by the Board), it will be threough a different mechanism.

  elliot noss:if it is a problem, I am ok not to

  elliot noss:I don't want to push more

  Marika Konings:We would first need to make clear what the proposals are?

  John Levine:There are way too many worms in the can that reserve funding would open

  hadia Elminiawi:+1 Marika

  Ching Chiao:Erika -- could you repeat it again ?

  Jonathan Robinson:I am not 100% clear what the question is?

  Manal Ismail:same here ..

  Alan Greenberg:Not sure what question is in this case.

  Stephanie Perrin:Let's take the time to do a survey monkey, this is a threshold question in my view

  elliot noss:sure

  Stephanie Perrin:Exactly, it is good to understand the range of viewpoints as we go forward

  Asha Hemrajani:agree with Alan's point

  elliot noss:agree. we should call it program expenses

  Vanda Scartezini:yes there is two different question here

  Erika Mann:It's Xavier who is speaking

  hadia Elminiawi:I can't hear you anymore

  Erika Mann:You can't hear me?

  Ching Chiao:Erika we can hear you

  Erika Mann:Xavier?

  Nadira AL-Araj:Will be waiting for the clarification of  what "overhead" in this question means. Thanks

  Marika Konings:See https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__community.icann.org_x_DAnfAw&d=DwIFaQ&c=FmY1u3PJp6wrcrwll3mSVzgfkbPSS6sJms7xcl4I5cM&r=QiF-05YzARosRvTYd84AB_UYInlydmFcjNmBM5XgySw&m=mVld6lvUqTzv_rmoYxeTF9Ufz3dC7kjR3GJaM8kHBIE&s=sYZQcCIXwZp0T2tHX_N5XJ0uukn-Iv30KexFu3IRAas&e=

  Marika Konings:and more specifically https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__docs.google.com_document_d_1QtwFa9nCIMq8JYCtBHxAyQraWQ6M-2DiNNP4Kyq6q9Cds_edit&d=DwIFaQ&c=FmY1u3PJp6wrcrwll3mSVzgfkbPSS6sJms7xcl4I5cM&r=QiF-05YzARosRvTYd84AB_UYInlydmFcjNmBM5XgySw&m=mVld6lvUqTzv_rmoYxeTF9Ufz3dC7kjR3GJaM8kHBIE&s=WOn4PI2I-rz7iKkMPDpgaVJXHp4pEwSpnNg6qATMOEI&e=

  hadia Elminiawi:Thanks Marika

  Julie Bisland:Then next CCWG New gTLD Auction Proceeds call will be held on Thursday, 08 June 2017 at 14:00 UTC for 90 minutes.

  Julf Helsingius:Thank you all!

  elliot noss:bye all thanks

  Tripti Sinha (RSSAC) 2:Thank you

  Nadira AL-Araj:Thanks Marika, Erika and all

  hadia Elminiawi:thank you all bye

  Ching Chiao:Thank you all

  Manal Ismail:Thanks everyone .. Bye ..

  Maureen Hilyard:Thank you Erika and Marika

  Erika Mann:Bye, bye!

  Vanda Scartezini:great time to all

  Asha Hemrajani:Bye and thanks all.

  Zain Khan:Thank you! Ciao ciao

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