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Sylvia Cadena sylvia at apnic.net
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Just my 2 cents to Vanda’s question:

That is a question that is part of a due diligence process before signing a contract for implementation for a specific project.

Every foundation/grant program “plays” under an ethical framework prescribed by the law of the country where they are structured. Those normally cover things like the privacy policy, use of data, requirements to be able to work with children, intellectual property, sharing of results, etc.

I think this question should be reviewed after we have made a final recommendation about the mechanism.

We could have recommendations for the fund allocation cycle (around grants) that covers at a minimum –yes, it could be more complex that that- what I have listed below.

  *   Application process: who can apply, for what, how (forms, languages supported), guidelines provided, promotion of the funding opportunity, cost associated
  *   Selection process: selection committee structure, process to use, tools, CoI, cost associated
  *   Due diligence and contracts: legal, ethical and financial frameworks that apply, CoI and cost associated
  *   Reporting mechanisms: what kind of reporting is needed to ensure transparency and oversight without creating unnecessary burden for recipients, licensing and Intellectual Property, costs associated
  *   Dissemination of results: what opportunities should the fund provide to share the results of the projects supported, to build community around the people/organizations supported, costs associated

There is a lot to discuss… but we can’t have all the discussions at the same time…




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I would like to add to Marilyn’s concerns, that I agree, a question to someone to answer: Which are the requisites  for any American Foundation ( or other From any developed country) to apply resources in developing countries projects?
Vanda Scartezini
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