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i understand those are just examples. Rules shaw be clear to allow all related projects as those examples, to be accepted if under those rules.

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Marilyn, the following example is already included in the document:

5 year grants to support the development of NGOs and Internet Governance forums in 100 locations at local, national, regional and global level increases participation at ICANN processes by

Does that sufficiently align with what you are proposing? As a reminder, it is not the objective to cover every possible project that could be considered consistent with ICANN’s mission. The focus is on ensuring that examples are sufficiently clear to provide guidance on what types of projects are considered consistent with ICANN’s mission and which ones are not considered consistent.

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Marika, Can I still offer an example [which I thought I had but perhaps hadn't submitted clearly enough] of grants that could support the National and Regional IGFs where the NRI is including ICANN related topics in their NRI, and might apply for a grant to further their multi stakeholder engagement and inclusiveness.

Almost all of the NRIs from developing countries and most from the developed countries have ICANN related sessions, ranging from IPv6, to DNS to engagement of stakeholders in ICANN related topics.

Marilyn Cade

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Subject: [Ccwg-auctionproceeds] Notes & action items from today's meetings and latest draft of open and interoperable Internet description

Dear All,

Please find attached for your review the notes & action items from today’s CCWG meetings. Also attached is the latest version of the open and interoperable Internet description with a number of updates that were made during today’s meeting. As noted in the action items, the small drafting team will now take this draft and aim to finalize it ahead of the next meeting which is scheduled for 16 November.

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