[Ccwg-auctionproceeds] Extension of Public Comment Deadline and Next CCWG Meeting

Daniel Dardailler danield at w3.org
Tue Nov 27 13:05:11 UTC 2018

Thanks, I filled the doodle.

Prior to the meeting, it would be good to have a summary report on the 
nature of the comments received.

So far, at 

I see only one "comment", spread over several messages, which is not 
about the CCWG work in itself, i.e. on the proposed mechanisms or scope, 
but a grant proposal in its own right, supported by many apparently, and 
related to better outreach for the global TLD market. As it happens, 
this particular idea has some issues attached to it that needs to be 
re-discussed (it's in the example list, last one).

IMO, it's clearly not the right time for this proposal to be discussed, 
and if the added review time is just to gain more support for a 
particular proposal, it's just wasted time, for them and for us, 
delaying the grant program real start. People sending their support will 
have to redo it when the framework for accepting projects is up and 

As it stands, I'm a bit concerned - and I'd like a clarification by the 
staff or chairs, or whoever feels entitled - that the intent of this 
proposal is to actually create a specific mechanism, at the structural 
level of the future ICANN Auction grant agency (for lack of a better 
name), just to fund their project. If that is the case, then I am firmly 
opposed to this development. We worked 2 years on the mechanisms, with a 
clear open mind about what could be funded, and now is not the time to 
reopen our deliverable.

So to summarize my reaction to the only comment we got so far: if it's a 
request for a proposal: it's later. If it's a request for a new 
mechanism: it's too late.

Note that I nothing against the idea of a global markcomm program for 
TLDs for the masses, and I actually think this would be inline with some 
of the W3C's ideas about decentralization of social networking IDs and 
the likes, but process-wise, this proposal is out of line.

On 2018-11-27 12:39, Emily Barabas wrote:
> Dear CCWG members,
> The public comment period for the Initial Report of the New gTLD
> Auction Proceeds Cross-Community Working Group was originally
> scheduled to close today, 27 November 2018. Due to requests from
> community members to extend the deadline and provide additional time
> for input, the Co-Chairs are proposing to extend the public comment
> period by two weeks. The new close date will be 11 December 2018.
> Please take a moment to fill out this doodle poll to assist with
> scheduling a CCWG meeting the week of 17 December:
> https://doodle.com/poll/8tbdw863wer7cq8n
> Kind regards,
> Emily
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