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Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Sat Oct 6 23:28:27 UTC 2018

ok with me.  Alan

At 06/10/2018 10:51 AM, Erika Mann wrote:

>>Dear All -
>>I'm forwarding you a reply from the Board 
>>concerning a question we asked a while ago. The 
>>question we asked was the following "What is 
>>the Boards perspective on whether ICANN the 
>>organization or a constituent part thereof, 
>>such as an SO or AC, can be an applicant under any circumstances."
>>The letter brings up some new ideas (project 
>>evaluation panel), limits some options of 
>>SOs/ACs for potential applications and in 1. b. 
>>the Board points out that ICANN would not be 
>>required to apply for proceeds (in case there's 
>>a need) but would have a "fiduciary obligation 
>>to use the funds to meet the organization's obligations".
>>We have to publish our draft report on October 
>>8th, insofar we have no time to discuss this letter and its implications.
>>I therefore recommend the following approach:
>>We add a sentence to the Initial Report under 
>>the relevant charter question that says 
>>something like “the CCWG received this input 
>>(include link) from the ICANN Board in relation 
>>to this charter question but has not had time 
>>to review or discuss this input. It will do so 
>>in conjunction with other input received in 
>>response to the public comment period. And, we 
>>will annex the letter and/or include it in a footnote.
>>Kind regards,
>What if we just
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>Subject: [CORRESPONDENCE] Request for input from ICANN Board - CCWG-AP
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>Cc: Maarten Botterman 
><<mailto:maarten.botterman at board.icann.org>maarten.botterman at board.icann.org>, 
>Becky Burr 
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>Board Ops Team <<mailto:board-ops-team at icann.org>board-ops-team at icann.org>
>Dear Erika Mann and Ching Chiao,
>Please find the attached letter from Maarten 
>Botterman and Becky Burr in response to the 
>request for input from the Cross-Community 
>Working Group on New gTLD Auction Proceeds (CCWG-AP).
>You may expect the letter to be posted shortly 
>to the ICANN Correspondence page: 
>Thank you and best regards,
>Wendy Profit
>ICANN – Sennior Manager, Board Operations
>12025 Waterfront Drive, Suite 300
>Los Angeles, CA 90094
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