[Ccwg-auctionproceeds] For your review - updated proposal for individual appeals mechanism

Mary Uduma mnuduma at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 16 06:12:02 UTC 2019

 Dear All,
I agree with Sylvia's comments.
Since this is a grant, I think feedback to the unsuccessful applicant(s) is good enough and as Sylvia rightly stated, could be hard, no matter the mechanism that is finally adopted. 
I also agree with her that the quantum of funds is too small for such an elaborate process with the attendant costs and time resources.
I think we should recommend a clear application and inclusive feedback process without complications or subject to multiple interpretations. (No fine prints)
Mary Uduma

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Thanks Marika for sharing this.
It is very unusual that non-profit grants program offer an appeal mechanism. As I mentioned before,  I do not recommend it. It is hard enough to be able to provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants. It puts into question the decisions of the selection panel, and expose the individuals volunteering there considerably.  
Incorporating an appeal mechanism requires very detailed procedures, and designing that will require a lot of work. I do not agree to include this as a recommendation from the CCWG, maybe better to include it as a suggestion for the implementation phase to actually fleshed the whole process and provide the details, if it is something the rest of the group is really passionate about.
Here is an example of an appeal mechanism, and what it entails. The size of the grants could be one of the indicators to determine if it is worth the effort and the expense. In the case of this fund, each grant is larger than the whole auction proceeds funds we are discussing, and this is for governments receiving the grants (not small, medium applicants).  
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Subject: [Ccwg-auctionproceeds] For your review - updated proposal for individual appeals mechanism
Dear CCWG,
Following on from the last CCWG call and the input received on the individual appeals mechanism, please find attached an updated proposal for your review. Please share any comments, concerns or suggestions you may have in advance of the next CCWG meeting which has been scheduled for Wednesday 21 August.
Best regards,
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