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Fri Nov 15 15:57:09 UTC 2019

Marika, et. al.,

I have been away for a while, so I hope these comments are not too far 
off base. These comments are address only to the text discussions of 
“reviews” and review processes (circa p. 28-30).

Evidence based reviews follow on evaluations.So the question can be put 
as: What evaluations? When, where, and why, and accountability to whom 
(the board, ICANN org, and the stakeholders)?

The selected Mechanism will operate according to its specified purposes, 
as per its “chartering” by ICANN. Its operations will consist of the 
awarding of grants, the monitoring and assessment of funded projects, 
and reporting back to ICANN in ways that allow ICANN to assess on 
various fronts the consistency of behavior and results in light of 
specified purposes and lessons learned.

It may be too late to suggest this but it would probably be wise to not 
specify the details (e.g. panels, etc.; circa p28-30) of the ICANN level 
evaluation and review process at this point. For the reviews and 
evaluations within the Mechanism, with regard to monitoring and 
evaluating funded projects, there is a wealth of knowledge (e.g. the 
processes used by the World Bank in its project management cycle).

For accountability to ICANN, the structure of those reviews should 
incorporated into the discussions and design of the Mechanism. It will 
produce the evidence for ICANN (writ large) to evaluate its operations 
as the Mechanism. I would suggest that the work around constituting the 
review process within ICANN be delayed and re-visited in the 
“chartering” process for the design of the Mechanism. As well, the 
design of the mechanism may impact on the appropriate structures for 
reporting and accountability.

Sam Lanfranco

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