[Ccwg-auctionproceeds] Revised Proposed Final Report and Indicative Poll on Mechanisms - Deadline 3 December 2019

Sam Lanfranco sam at lanfranco.net
Fri Nov 22 23:45:08 UTC 2019


As a development economist I want to raise a small point. The term 
“developing countries” is used nine times in the Draft. While the World 
Bank and others have dropped the term, it remains acceptable as a 
descriptor, but there may be a problem for its use here. In some 
instances disagreements could arise with regard to eligibility to apply 
based on what decides who is, or is not, a developing country.

Other settings now tend to use the formal term Low- 
and-Medium-Income-Countries (LMIC) where countries are classified by the 
World Bank (WB). Other organizations (UN, IMF, WHO, etc.) sometimes 
produce slightly different rankings.

I suggest that we either adopt LMIC, or state that the term developing 
countries means LMIC, or pick another reference list. We do not want a 
Mechanism to have to struggle, in some instances, with what is or is not 
a qualifying applicant country. (I note this still does not deal with 
occupied territories, breakaway states, and the other complexities of 
modern nationhood :-(   )

Sam L.

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