[Ccwg-auctionproceeds] Revised Proposed Final Report and Indicative Poll on Mechanisms - Deadline 3 December 2019

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Hi John - just a note that I have personally set up a captive foundation such as the one in Mechanism C.    (But I am a new member so no reason you would know that.)

Separately, I certainly don't consider the relative costs of the three mechanisms as a matter of "implementation weeds" and apparently neither does ICANN since they place so much emphasis on the additional costs associated with setting up a foundation in their comments shown on pages 9 and 10 of the Proposed Final Report.

I have just been trying to get up to speed with the available information in order to be able to fill out the survey on ranking the mechanisms.  Setting up a foundation is relatively easy and is a one-time cost.  Onboarding and training personnel may be a one-time cost (probably equal in A and C) but it is quite expensive and not easy to "Sunset".  Hence, my question about market rates for Mechanism B - not at all a matter of being in the "weeds".    However, I don't know if fees in the current marketplace for Mechanism B services would be comparable and it appears we don't have hard data on that.

Regardless of your opinion re qualifications to rank mechanisms, we all have a survey to complete before December 3.

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> Thanks Alan.  As I see it, onboarding and training are pretty big
> costs and that is why I was interested to know the estimated fees for
> Mechanism B.  Are we saying the CCWG has not actually developed any
> fee quotes for Mechanism B at this stage?

I should hope not.  That's way down in the implementation weeds.

Personally, I haven't seen evidence that the CCWG has the experience or expertise to recommend a corporate form (keeping in mind that I think I am the only person here who has actually set up a captive foundation like the one in Mechanism C) and we should stick to design criteria like separation of function between the people evaluating proposals and people handing out the money.

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