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I fear that you have misunderstood and jumped to conclusions here. I 
have no idea how the current negotiations around the .org registry will 
play out, and of course under no circumstances would it, or any new gTLD 
registry rest with ICANN.

If there is an unspoken assumption here, it is that if (IF) there were a 
new non-profit gTLD registry, it would likely use profits for the ways 
envisioned for the Mechanisms. much the way ISOC has with PIR. It was 
presented as a "/What if/..." food for thought, and not a "/Somebody 
should/..." suggestion.

Sorry that was not clear enough.

Sam Lanfranco

On 11/27/2019 5:34 PM, John R. Levine wrote:
>> However, whatever new gTLD auction proceeds Mechanism materializes, 
>> it involves building capacity to administer a grant making process. 
>> It is worth noting that if the .org registry needed a new home or 
>> especially if a new public interest gTLD were to be created, an 
>> option would be to create the registry out of the selected Mechanism, 
>> an entity that would have considerable expertise and hit the ground 
>> running.
> I am a trustee of the Internet Society and I find this comment to be 
> totally out of line.
> ICANN cannot own a registry (other than the tiny and ancient .INT) and 
> the process of running a registry has nothing in common with 
> evaluating and giving grants.  In the unlikely event that the .org 
> sale doesn't complete, the .org registry will still belong to ISOC as 
> it does now.
> Regards,
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> Dummies",
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