[ccwg-internet-governance] Save the date: ICANN and Internet governance conference in Singapore, Friday 21 March 2014

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As I’m told some people are already beginning their travel planning for Singapore, I’d like to suggest that anyone interested in IG consider flying in a day early, on Thursday 20th.  I've just received confirmation that NCUC has space reserved to hold an one-day conference at the venue on Friday 21 March.  The working title is, "ICANN and Global Internet Governance: The Road to Sao Paulo, and Beyond.”  The precise details will be worked out early next year, but for now I can say the following.

In terms of the substantive focus, there will be sessions devoted to the major foci of the April meeting in Sao Paulo.  The Local Organizing Committee recently described these as

> - Official launching of a review process of the global IG frameworks/models;
> - Development of a set of universally acceptable core of principles for
> global IG;
> - Tentative draft of a global IG model.

which sounds a bit ambitious, and will presumably be refined in the months ahead.  However the SP agenda is ultimately specified, we may want to do sessions in Singapore on topics like a potential declaration on global IG principles, and options for evolving the distributed institutional architecture (consistent with the I* Montevideo Declaration) with respect to globalization, coordination, transparency/accountability/inclusive participation, and the role (inter)governmental frameworks and authority.  We might also want to consider the progress and implications of some of the contextual developments, like the 1net and strategy panel initiatives, the growing need to support and enhance the IGF, etc.

In terms of format, given the keen interest and varying views generated by the SP meeting and related developments, we’d like to make this event as much of a “cross-community” dialogue as is possible (in a room that accommodates up to 150 people).  So we will be reaching across silos to other stakeholders for panelists, as well as participants.  In addition, if either this CWG or any of the individual SOs, ACs, or sub-groups therein would be interested in providing written inputs (stuff being done either for other venues, or specially for this one) as background and conversational fodder, we could post these on the conference website.  If people are feeling ambitious, we could even set up online discussion spaces for the respective sessions and themes…all depends on the level of interest.

By way of background FYI, NCUC previously held conferences on IG in San Francisco http://www.amiando.com/ncucaticann.html and Toronto http://www.amiando.com/NCUC-ICANN45.html.

I hope this will prove to be of some interest to the wider community.  More to come….



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