[ccwg-internet-governance] Who's going to Brazil?

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Thu Apr 3 22:23:48 UTC 2014

As we get closer to the conference, I wonder if it might be a good idea to
know which of this group will actually be in attendance, and how best to
coordinating our efforts there. Many who are being funded to go, know by

For those who will actually be in São Paulo I wonder if there is value in
setting up communications channels between us so we can be most effective
at the conference. Until the conference takes place this list is still the
best venue IMO... but once things start happening in real time, something
more immediate such as a Skype chat or Google Hangout may be more

Those from At-Large who I'm aware are going include myself, Olivier,
Carlton, Tijani Avri and Leon.

Evan Leibovitch
Toronto Canada

Em: evan at telly dot org
Sk: evanleibovitch
Tw: el56
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