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Patrik Fältström paf at netnod.se
Sat Apr 5 05:43:05 UTC 2014

On 4 apr 2014, at 22:48, Drazek, Keith <kdrazek at verisign.com> wrote:

> Is the CCWG-IG the right group to focus on IANA 2.0, or should it be another CCWG? It seems that there may be value in the existing CCWG-IG completing its Charter and retaining a broader focus on general IG matters, of which the NTIA announcement and future IANA are just a narrow. albeit important, subset. I guess I'm wondering if we'd be better served with 2 separate CCWGs to appropriately handle these issues before us in 2014.

I think CCWG should concentrate on general IG issues, and not specifically IANA related, and discuss how that fits with ICANN processes and structures -- and potentially feed back into ICANN (and not only outward towards external entities) what might have to be changed.

Myself for example, I am a strong believer in the power of the existing consensus based processes we have in each SO/AC, and think the right thing to do is to reuse as much of that as possible. The weak part we have in ICANN is how to bring those views together, and that we must improve. That could be (given feedback from external processes, other CCWG etc) things we could work with.

I heard in Singapore that many people where nervous the lack of good CC processes that where "more bottom up than just consulting" was something that was a problem. Myself, I rather see good consultations than nothing, but of course I also would like to see more effective bottom up processes "all the way up" in ICANN an not only to the "peak" of each SO/AC.

So I would support:

- This CC work with more general IG issues, and because of that potentially more long(er) term changes needed also to ICANN, to make ICANN "fit better" in the over all IG landscape

- A specific CC working on "the IANA related issues"


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