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Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Tue Aug 19 13:55:22 UTC 2014

Dear ICANN Cross Community Working Group on Internet Governance,

please find the enquiry from Jonathan Robinson below.

The question Jonathan raised was whether the ICANN CEO's latest
announcement might trigger and amendments in our proposed charter.
Feedback appreciated.

Kindest regards,


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Dear Jonathan,

thanks for your kind email about the topic.
A special Wikileaks-type web site has already leaked the documents that
provide more information on this whole process.


Does it affect the charter of the CCWG on Internet Governance? My
personal point of view is that it does not, but I would ask the WG. If
at all, it reinforces the point that ICANN should have a community-led
working group on Internet Governance issues. I am flabbergasted that the
ICANN Community has learnt about the follow-up to NetMundial through
informal channels. Admittedly, The ICANN Community is just another
participant (or rather a multiple number of standard participants) in
the wider Internet Governance space, but for the CEO of ICANN to proceed
forward with being a key player in setting-up "what comes next", I find
it surprising that the Community was not consulted beforehand and we are
therefore in front of a "fait accompli" with NetMundial having seemingly
exited ICANN... just like it also entered ICANN as a "fait accompli".
Where is the bottom-up?
This makes me nervous. We need a working group that can relay our common
voices and make sure the ICANN Community remains in the loop. We are a
working multi-stakeholder community - and at the moment, I fear that we
are being undersold.

Kind regards,


On 19/08/2014 12:28, Jonathan Robinson wrote:
> Dear Olivier,
> I note the appearance of a blog by Fadi Chehade yesterday.
> https://www.icann.org/news/blog/an-initiative-for-action
> Does this, in your view, impact on the work of the Cross Community Working
> Group on Internet Governance and the proposed Charter?
> If so, should our proposed course of action change at all?
> Many thanks,
> Jonathan
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> Sent: 14 August 2014 13:29
> To: soac-chairs at icann.org; Ergys Ramaj
> Cc: Renate DeWulf; 'Bart Boswinkel'; Rafik Dammak
> Subject: Re: [soac-chairs] Cross Community Working Group on Internet
> Governance proposed Charter
> Dear SO/AC Chairs,
> I am following up on my message below regarding the Charter of the Cross
> Community Working Group on Internet Governance.
> It looks increasingly likely that there will be a follow-up to NetMundial,
> in the form of an initiative that will be discussed at "day zero" of the IGF
> in Istanbul.
> It would be helpful if the CCWG on IG could, by NetMundial, have a Charter
> that's signed off by ICANN's SOs and ACs and I therefore look forward to
> hearing from you on progress within your SO or AC to provide us with
> feedback on whether the Charter's been agreed or needs to be amended
> according to the concerns of your community.
> Kindest regards,
> Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond
> CCWG on Internet Governance Coordinator
> On 17/06/2014 15:14, Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond wrote:
>> Dear SO/AC Chairs,
>> please be so kind to find the proposed draft charter of the Cross 
>> Community Working Group on Internet Governance attached to this message.
>> The working group asks that this draft charter be considered by your 
>> Supporting Organisations and Advisory Committees for the official 
>> creation of the CCWG. As a reminder, this is a follow-up to the work 
>> that was cast aside whilst input to the NetMundial meeting was needed 
>> at short notice.
>> The draft Charter is the result of discussion held in Singapore 
>> regarding the future of the working group as well as a Team of 
>> individuals from several SOs and AC drawing on their combined 
>> experience in drafting charters.
>> It is hoped that the issue of chartering this WG can be added to the 
>> agenda of all SOs and ACs that will meet in London and that the WG 
>> will receive your feedback by the end of the ICANN meeting, on 26 June
> 2014.
>> Of particular importance you might with to look at the votes and the 
>> (lack of) normalisation on a per SO/AC basis. The charter drafting 
>> team could not reach consensus on whether normalisation of votes was 
>> needed or not. We leave it to your community to provide its feedback on
> preference.
>> For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Rafik Dammak or 
>> myself, the current interim coordinators of the WG.
>> Kind regards,
>> Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond
>> CCWG on Internet Governance Coordinator
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