[ccwg-internet-governance] [ianatransition] Concluding Notes Re: Choice

JFC Morfin jefsey at jefsey.com
Fri Aug 22 17:28:04 UTC 2014

At 16:49 21/08/2014, Tamer Rizk wrote:
>Thus, the current trajectory towards Internet governance is 
>predictive of a private organization adjudicating direct, exclusive 
>reference to common words between entities vying to monopolize a 
>category in communication.

This has a name:
- "keywords" when it is sold (South Korea, China, etc.)
- "alias" when it is entered in your hosts file.

This is why the ICANN/NTIA "IN" class root represents no specific 
interest once the "I" and the "N" have split.

What is of technical interest is the root system, because it helps in 
clearly organizing each class (i.e. each perspective of the obviously 
unique and global namespace) in people's mind. The ICANN plethoric 
gTLDs sale has killed any negentropic interest in the "IN" class 
(which embodied the world digital culture started in 1977). There are 
too many TLDs, which causes too much confusion.

Too bad: we will have to build a new cultural paradigm.

Once the Mama Cann deregulation attempt will have been regulated by 
the natural competition of the 600 half-time Jon Postel grade Mini 
Canns that MYCANN plans to work on (the Libre development, 
dissemination and support will start this fall/winter). Please note 
that we are not in a hurry: sponsors and helpers will join as people 
understand that the double BUG of Being Unilaterally Global and of a 
Business Unilateral Governance will actually lead to nowhere. Since 
1977, we have known and verified that accountability is the daughter 
of competition. What keeps the Internet stable, and partly protected 
from the ICANN lavish despotism, is that the NTIA might not renew the 
ICANN and Verisign contracts.

The best promoter of our network stability by a competitive diversity 
approach is the IGC agenda trying to sell the world trust in the 
stand-alone ICANNSA self-accountability label.

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