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Thanks, JordanI just posted that we really need to make the work of this CCWG - IG a priority and return to a regularized schedule, so I welcome this announcement.  I support that we need a face to face working session, and that as we committed, we should own the organizing of the IG panel session. 
Two updates on topics in your draft agenda, though, that are relevant.
The CSTD WSIS DRAFT Review Report closes for comment on 12/15.  The CSTD Gap and Mapping document are open until 12/31.Both reports are on line. Both assume a fair amount of in depth knowledge about WSIS, not just about ICANN. During the CSTD Intercessional, in my comments, I invited the Secretariat to send invitations to the entities mentioned in the reports to ask themto correct gaps or inadequacies. ICANN would be among those who received such requests.  
Under Item 4.  I think this needs to be IG Ecosystem overview and then boil down into topics. I also suggest that the focus be onactivities at ITU that are relevant to ICANN, versus the ITU Plenipot. MUCH of the work of the ITU is simply not within the scope or focus of ICANN.  There are three resolutions of relevance, I think -- Undoubtedly, Nigel could summarize those, and the focus could be then quite relevant to ICANN stakeholders.
IGF2015  Planning and Preparation is probably the proper title for that topic. It would be good to invite Chengetai Masango, the Secretariat, to give that update.  There are many IGF MAG members in the ICANN community, and we can all comment from the floor, but it would be better to have Chengetai in person.  An invitation would have to be seen fairly soon. 
Finally, WSIS +10 and CSTD are not the same topic. I think perhaps this confusion arose because CSTD does have a key role in the WSIS Review process as requested by the UNGA, in support of ECOSOC and UNGA. A separate UNGA  WSIS follow up process will kick off in June and conclude in Dec, at UNGA 2015.  Can we treat these separately, so that no one gets confused?two topics as separate topics? 
NETmundial Initiative: Unfortunately, although there were two opportunities at the last ICANN meeting to answer questions, things really didn't work very well, as we all recall. Good to try again. 
Timeliness may be an issue, though, as much is supposed to happen over the next few weeks. 
I will note that if the idea is to invite those organizations who have also raised questions, in addition to ISOC and IAB,   ICC-BASIS has a six page letter posted on 1NETdiscuss asking clarifying questions.  However, we also need to recognize that the issue re NMI for ICANN is how and what the community at ICANN supports in terms of ICANN engagement and how any initiative that consumes resources of some significance, fit into the broader priorities that are identified and supported by the ICANN stakeholders. 
I already offered to share my updated timeline with Alex and will do so by Monday. 
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Subject: [ccwg-internet-governance] Agenda for call suggestion

Dear all,

Rafik, Olivier and I have done some thinking about a possible agenda for a call for this CCWG-Internet Governance group before end of December. It is a very busy time in the ICANN community no doubt but kicking something off before 2015 seems wise to us.
We will ask ICANN staff to do a Doodle poll to find a good time for a meeting on 18 or 19 December - you should see that in the next two days, all going well. 
Here are the proposed agenda items we suggest - for feedback and discussion certainly: nothing is final and everything is simply a suggestion.
There are two "substantive" items and five "procedural" items shown below...

Draft Agenda Items for CCWG-IG meeting, 18 or 19 December 2014 (TBC)

1. Introduction of Co-Chairs and round of introductions

2. CSTD Response from ICANN 

Nigel Hickson advised the CCWG that ICANN is planning a response to the CSTD report <http://unctad.org/meetings/en/SessionalDocuments/CSTD_2014_Mapping_Internet_en.pdf> with them having solicited input from ICANN. 
We thought it would be helpful to invite Nigel or another appropriate staff member to discuss the proposed response with the ICANN community as organised in this CCWG before it is finalised and submitted. If that is not possible, to discuss the staff's response with the community.

3. NetMundial Initiative
To invite a relevant senior ICANN staffer to brief the CCWG-IG on what is happening with the initiative to date and future plans in response to the community concern about how it has originated.

4. Discussion of themes of work for the CCWG-IG
What topics should the WG organise its work around? Some suggestions:WSIS+10 / CSTD IGFITU PlenipotNetMundial Initiative

5. Update of the Events Calendar and Threats & Opportunities
This document is at <https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-o-ba2z2WOG33-v5ZSZJgziB6PTxihMsPsqNQ994tyw/edit?usp=sharing> and needs updating and we could discuss upcoming meetings too. 

6. Plan for the CCWG-IG meeting at ICANN 52 in Singapore
We had some suggestions which are similar to Los Angeles:Discussion of IG hot spotsConfirmation of themes and draft work plan for the CCWG-IGInterface/Engagement between the CCWG-IG, ICANN staff and the wider ICANN communityReview of Actions from LA meeting and agreement of actions for BA meeting
7. Plan for the Public Internet Governance Session at ICANN 52 in Singapore
Our suggestion here was that these Public Sessions are a good chance for the community to discuss issues of substance and give feedback to the CCWG and to ICANN staff. They aren't good to use for long updates on IG issues - people can read written summaries for that.
In a 90 minute time slot there might be time for a bigger discussion of a current issue, and a shorter presentation of an upcoming issue. It is also a good opportunity for community members in the WG, and ICANN staff, to work together.
We suggest two topics:
Discussion - the NetMundial Initiative - get a senior ICANN staffer and an external group with a different point of view (perhaps Kathy Brown from ISOC) to talk about their different perspectives, and then community feedback and debate (~50 mins)Presentation - the WSIS+10 Review - get a responsible ICANN staffer and a CCWG member following the issue to highlight the main points of this Review that the ICANN community needs to pay attention to and ask questions about (~30 mins)The remaining time could be to raise other issues or a quick report back from the CCWG and ICANN staff.

8. Any Other Business
Jordan Carter

Chief Executive 

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To promote the Internet's benefits and uses, and protect its potential.

Jordan Carter
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Sent on the run, apologies for brevity

Jordan Carter
Chief Executive, InternetNZ+64-21-442-649 | jordan at internetnz.net.nz
Sent on the run, apologies for brevity

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