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Thanks, Michele. 
No need to say :warts and all. Stability, resiliency, predictability: basic requirements for users -- regardless of their 'stakeholder' category. 
BUT, it is indeed and should be ICANN's mantra. And ICANN's community of stakeholders.
Can we close on that: the CCWG reinforces that ICANN is,and must remain committed to a single authoriative root? 
I'll say more about how we improve a major existing gap in lack of accountability mechanisms in ICANN in a future post. 
Improving ICANN from within is preferable to me than allowing a lot of mystical panels, and external processes.  Listening to new ideas is good, but the pace of change has to fit internal capabililities of the stakeholders. that may require an adjustment in how ICANN supports these internal entities, not just funding new panels and doubling the size of staff.  
It is worth a thoughtful discussion -- improving internally and strengthening what the community does, and enhancing our capabiiities may be a much needed readjustment of funding.  $3.2 million spent on new panels would go a long way toward additional support directly to the internal mechanisms.  And it is budget submission/request time. 
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> I was going to work on this then I realised while researching something else that the work had already been done
> http://www.icann.org/en/about/unique-authoritative-root
> The bit from the IAB sums it up:
> "Put simply, deploying multiple public DNS roots would raise a very strong possibility that users of different ISPs who click on the same link on a web page could end up at different destinations, against the will of the web page designers."
> To paraphrase:
> Single root = predictable and stable (warts and all)
> Multiple roots = unpredictable chaos
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