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Petya Minkova Petya.minkova at icann.org
Thu Feb 13 16:37:51 UTC 2014

Dear all,

Please find below the list of volunteers for each definition within the contribution draft of the CCWG:

Definition: Multistakeholder  and Multistakeholder in ICANN.
Volunteers:  Leon Sanchez, Sarah Falvey, Aparna Sridhar, Joana and Philip.

Definition: Multi-Lateral model.
Volunteers:  Leon Sanchez

Country Internet Registries  (CIR)
Volunteers: Filiz Yilmaz, Michele Neylon.

Bottom up vs- Top down Internet governance
Volunteers: Marilyn Cade, Evan Leibovitch, Cintra Sooknanan.

DNSSEC and trust in the DNS and Trusted Community Representatives for DNSSEC Key Signing.
Volunteers: Michele Neylon, Ken Stubbs

The Internet Ecosystem.
IETF Principles :
Root Servers Principles :
Infrastructure Principles: Fatima Cambronero, Marilia Maciel, Hago Dafalla.
Content principles :

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