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I think we should also look to the transcript. I think we made a bit of a modification/expansion on some of these/particularly the last one. :-)Second comment: welcoming all volunteers to join with those of us on the initial call.We need to now start out small group discussions quickly. 

Any other volutneers on bottom up/top down: otherwise, we can start off via email /but would welcome other participants. This topic is tightly linked with multi stakeholder so we may want to liaison/with that group. 
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Could you please clarify what is meant by “content principles”?  Also, I would be happy to participate in the group working on the definition of Multistakeholder.

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Dear all, 


Please find below the list of volunteers
for each definition within the contribution draft of the CCWG:


Definition: Multistakeholder  and Multistakeholder in ICANN.

Volunteers:  Leon Sanchez, Sarah Falvey, Aparna Sridhar, Joana and Philip.
Definition: Multi-Lateral model.
Volunteers:  Leon Sanchez
Country Internet Registries  (CIR)
Volunteers: Filiz Yilmaz, Michele Neylon.
Bottom up vs- Top down Internet governance
Volunteers: Marilyn Cade, Evan Leibovitch, Cintra Sooknanan.
DNSSEC and trust in the DNS and Trusted Community Representatives for DNSSEC Key Signing.
Volunteers: Michele Neylon, Ken Stubbs

The Internet Ecosystem.
IETF Principles :
Root Servers Principles :
Infrastructure Principles: 
Fatima Cambronero, Marilia Maciel, Hago Dafalla.
Content principles :


Best regards, 


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