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Thanks, Rafik.
Right, I was proposing a change in title: as captured by Rafik.BUT it is not limited to the Brazil meeting. I made the point that Brazil is one stop on a longer journey. Important, but none of us would want to empower a single event as the total space for dialogue and discussion.  WSIS + 10; CSTD WG EC, and the consultation going on follow up to the WSIS at UNGA are also relevant activities. BUT, we wanted [I think/but welcome clarification from others] to have a discussion within ICANN's community about this topic. So, if we start out with a baseline of what we think is the relevant INternet Ecosystem, and then, this community of leaders discusses what is ICANN's role, I think we will have made a significant contribtution to ICANN guidance from a bottom up, consensus approach of its own community, and also have a potential document which can be also contribution into other fora, such as Brazil meeting, but also beyond. 
Taht means moving ahead quickly to discuss within this CCWG, and then have community input, including at our public meeting during ICANN Singapore. 
Finally, I want to note that in another space where I am working on these topics, there is interest in asking for a short extension for submission of documents into the Brazil meeting. Might we add that question to our own consideration? I think it could be useful to ask for a short extension, while recognizing the burden that will place on the Brazil subcommittees to absorb, circulate, and summarize /synthesize all submissions. 
And, yes, I volunteered to participate in that particular topical discussion, as Rafik noted, but might not have been clear in staff notes. :-) 
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Hi Marilia,
for that item we changed the title to "Evolution of Internet ecosystem and ICANN role". the sub-items  were previously there as placeholders and we can skip them. 

I think that the item match the 2 question for Brazil meeting contribution.Maybe Marylin can add her comment here .


2014-02-14 4:02 GMT+09:00 Marilia Maciel <mariliamaciel at gmail.com>:

Dear Petya,

Thank you very much. That's useful.

Rafik, could you summarize the approach we decided to adopt regarding the topic "Internet ecosystem" after Marilyn's suggestion? I would like to confirm if I undertood correctly what is expected.


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Dear all, 
Please find below the list of volunteers for each definition within the contribution draft of the CCWG:

Definition: Multistakeholder  and Multistakeholder in ICANN. 

Leon Sanchez, Sarah Falvey, Aparna Sridhar, Joana and Philip.


Definition: Multi-Lateral model.

Leon Sanchez

Country Internet Registries  (CIR)

Volunteers: Filiz Yilmaz, Michele Neylon.


Bottom up vs- Top down Internet

Volunteers: Marilyn Cade, Evan Leibovitch,
Cintra Sooknanan.


DNSSEC and trust in the DNS and Trusted
Community Representatives for DNSSEC Key Signing.

Volunteers: Michele Neylon, Ken Stubbs 


The Internet Ecosystem.

IETF Principles :

Root Servers Principles :

Infrastructure Principles: Fatima Cambronero, Marilia Maciel, Hago Dafalla.

Content principles :

Best regards, 

Petya Minkova

Administrative Assistant


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1st floor 

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Skype: petya.minkova.icann 

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