[ccwg-internet-governance] Some notes on the last call

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Sun Feb 16 23:36:59 UTC 2014

Hello everybody,

I wanted to fill in on some of the discussion that have happened on the
last call (and which I am listening to now).

CCWG meeting slot in Singapore

I know that bottom-up is sometimes frustrating, but in all of the going
around in circles, I thank you all for expressing your support and the
support of your SO/AC/SG. Hence, we not only have a motion but we have
consensus -- hence you will have seen my formal request for a
confirmation from David Olive. Case Closed.

CCWG output as well as Brazil conference

I have received confirmation from Sally Costerton that the plan is to
have two primary inputs into the Brazil. One input will come from the
Strategic Group. Another input will come from this CCWG.
Sally -- you're on this mailing list: unless told otherwise, this WG
will be providing its input into the Brazil meeting. IF THIS COMMUNITY

CIR - Critical Internet Resources or Country Internet Registry?

Both are actually correct. CIR as in Critical Internet Resources indeed
needs to be defined although I am quite concerned of adopting that term
since in some circles, it triggers some governments to say: "if it's
Critical, then it's OUR job to run it", especially governments where the
electricity supply & telephony is run by a nationalised company monopoly.

However, I was also referring to Country Internet Registry (CIR) as
proposed initially at the IGF in Sharm el Sheikh regarding IPv6 and
which spells real trouble for RIRs. Our friends from the ASO (and RIRs
in particular) should be able to provide us with:
- an explanation of what this proposal is
- why this proposal is detrimental to the Internet itself (in short: the
Internet is not geographic and its topology knows no Westphalian
sovereignty hence IP addresses are allocated according to networks, not
according to countries)

I suggest we have the description of what Country Internet Registries
are in our definition and argue against them in our "arguments" chapter.
ASO, could you do that please?

OK -- I have noticed that the WG is starting to gather momentum, so
let's keep that ball rolling.

Warmest regards,


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