[ccwg-internet-governance] Form of contribution to NetMundial

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I agree with Marilyn as well

I'd also add - ICANN does not have clear policies or processes about it handles a lot of this and as result there are constant headaches and issues
Take the correspondence page on the main ICANN website - stuff may or may not get published and the delays can be huge.

Several of us have asked ICANN about this and nobody has ever provided a clear answer

It's inane.

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I like a couple of phrases from you, Olivier.
I will look at the document, but I'd like to propose that we systematically reinforce that ICANN is a unique bottom up, consensus based multistakeholder model of policy development, and acceptance by stakeholders, with a global responsibility for coordinating a shared space of the unique indicators.

That is unique about ICANN, although I note that staff and the CEO are consistently
cutting the 'bottom up/consensus based ' off the MS language.

Secondly, transparency is being described as 'adequate'. I think that is not actually what
the community agreed to in ATRT and expects.

We must demand not just transparency, but accountability.  Transparency just means that sometime soon, documents are published. Or the CEO makes announcements.
Accountabiity means that ICANN takes consultation with its community, and that the Board ensures mechanisms which create inclusion of input from the affected Stakeholders who work within ICANN [by the way, it is a way to ensure more do come to ICANN to participate and work], and taken as an intertwined pair of commitments, it is what can contribute to ICANN's legitimacy with its own community, including the GAC members, and more broadly.

I would strongly urge that we incorporate the term of Transparency and Accountability.

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> Subject: Re: [ccwg-internet-governance] Form of contribution to NetMundial
> Dear David,
> in true bottom-up fashion, once you've volunteered for a section, please
> get in touch with other colleagues who have volunteered too for that
> same section & put something together between yourselves, then once
> you've reached consensus please post it to the CCWG mailing list.
> Would members of this WG prefer an open document Google Doc, so you can
> all work on it in your own time and simultaneously?
> I know that some are not used to use WIKIs, hence I thought Staff could
> eventually transcribe (cut/paste) things to the WIKI prior to a
> conference call.
> Kind regards,
> Olivier
> On 24/02/2014 17:18, Fares, David wrote:
> > Thanks for this Olivier and Patrick. Could someone please explain how the different working groups are supposed to finalize work on their definitions for review by the larger CCWG. I volunteered for 2 work groups but have not received any information on how to proceed. For example, I am on the Working Group to define Multi-Stakeholder and there is a definition in the draft proposed by Leon, should the entire Working Group comment on Leon's proposal? Thank you in advance for any clarification.
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> >
> > I did some edit and added some text to the document. Keep or throw away :-)
> >
> > Patrik
> >
> > On 24/02/14 01:46, Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond wrote:
> >> Dear WG participants,
> >>
> >> please be so kind to find attached, the first draft of the
> >> contribution to NetMundial, as discussed on Friday's call.
> >> I have added a few paragraphs which we have already received.
> >> I have not yet added Filiz et al.'s draft for Critical Internet Resources.
> >>
> >> As discussed on the call, it looks like our contribution will need to
> >> be into two parts, filing each part with the correct NetMundial Thread:
> >>
> >> - Part 1: Internet Principles
> >> I suggest this includes:
> >> - our definitions
> >> - our arguments (technical, internet governance, ICANN)
> >>
> >> - Part 2: Future evolution of the Internet Governance ecosystem I
> >> suggest this includes:
> >> - our principles for the definition of ICANN's evolving future roadmap
> >>
> >> The draft attached is a working document. I realise many of you aren't
> >> used to working on a WIKI. I also realise that working almost entirely
> >> by email is likely to be quite inefficient.
> >> Should we create a Google Doc for this, so we can all add, annotate,
> >> comment?
> >>
> >> Please keep those contributions coming in.
> >>
> >> Kind regards,
> >>
> >> Olivier
> >>
> >>
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