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Ergys Ramaj ergys.ramaj at icann.org
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A G E N D A  

Standing Agenda Items


1. Roll Call and adoption of the agenda (Rafik Dammak, Staff; 2 minutes)

2. Review of Action Items (Olivier Crépin-Leblond, 5 minutes)

This is a review of the action items from the:

013.12.11+-+Action+Items> 11 December 2013 call

013.12.20+-+Action+Items> 20 December 2013 call

3. Charter Update (Charter Drafting Team, 5 minutes)

In this section, the Charter Drafting Sub-Team will be providing a quick
update of their activities.

The Charter page is here:  <https://community.icann.org/x/ryufAg>

Sub-Team: Evan Leibovitch; Cheryl Langdon Orr; Avri Doria; Hago Dafalla;
Naresh Ajwani.
Assisted by Bart Boswinkel.

4. Multi-Stakeholderism and Multilateralism (Olivier Crépin-Leblond; 20 min)

Is this topic likely to be a deliverable of this WG?

What are the characteristics and advantages of a multi-stakeholder system?

The Brazil conference looks to be discussion this very point. How should
this WG contribute?

5. Update on Brasil meeting organisation committees (Theresa Swinehart,
Rafik Dammak; 20 min)

An update on the latest organisation committees for Brasil.

Roadmap of Internet key activities towards the Global Multistakeholder
Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance.

6. Wrap up & action items (3 min)

7. Any Other Business (5 min)


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