[ccwg-internet-governance] Follow-up to Call on Friday 17 Jan 2014

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Sat Jan 18 12:58:48 UTC 2014

Dear all,

Friday's call was very productive as we had the visit of Fadi Chehadé.
Members of the working group had the opportunity to ask questions. I
invite members of the WG who have missed the call to listen to the
recording which is linked from the agenda page:


There was also one Action Item on the call:

"Share via email our involvements in other groups, where are our footprints."
This effectively translates to us sharing with other members of the WG
what is our current involvement in other fora so as for us to be able to
establish some understanding as to whom to ask if we have specific
questions, or who can help in specific topics or discussions."

For instance, I am also the Chair of ALAC and we have At-Large
Structures (ALSes) that are involved in the IGF world, regularly running
workshops at the global IGF. Some of our ALSes are involved in regional
IGFs, including in the steering group of those regional IGFs. We also
have ALSes that work with governments on ITU related matters; we have
ALSes involved in Civil Society. etc.
I am also the Chair of ISOC UK England & therefore closely follow the
happenings there, including a very limited number of IETF working
groups. ISOC UK England have been active in the UK IGF as well as the
British Government's Multistakeholder Advisory Group on Internet
Governance (MAGIG) - and this let me be part of the UK government
delegation at WCIT in Dubai December 2012.

Aside from this, we also had a discussion about the Charter of the
Working Group during the last 10 minutes of the call. May you please all
comment on the Charter which is also linked for the Agenda page? Please
either comment on the WIKI page itself, or comment by email here.
We aim to be making progress on having a finalised Charter by our next call.

Kind regards,

Olivier Crépin-Leblond

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