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Hope it is in our notice;

Press Release: CIGI and Chatham House launch Global Commission on Internet
Governance, chaired by Sweden’s Carl Bildt

Davos-Klosters, Switzerland – January 22, 2014 – Carl Bildt, Sweden’s
Minister of Foreign Affairs, will chair a new Global Commission on Internet
Governance, launched by The Centre for International Governance Innovation
(CIGI) and the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House).

Announced today at the World Economic Forum in Davos-Klosters, the Global
Commission is a two-year initiative that will produce a comprehensive stand
on the future of multi-stakeholder Internet governance.

“In most countries, increased attention is being given to all the issues of
net freedom, net security and net governance. And they are, in my view,
closely related to each other. The rapid evolution of the net has been made
possible by the open and flexible model by which it has evolved and been
governed. But increasingly this is coming under attack,” said Carl Bildt.
“And this is happening as issues of net freedom, net security and net
surveillance are increasingly debated. Net freedom is as fundamental as
freedom of information and freedom of speech in our societies.”

The commission will include about 25 members drawn from various fields and
from around the world, including policy and government, academia and civil

The Global Commission on Internet Governance will encourage globally
inclusive public discussions and debates on the future of Internet
governance through a public consultation platform, and through other
institutional, media, and academic channels. It will create and advance a
strategic vision for the future of Internet governance that can act as a
rallying point for states that are striving for a continued free and open

The commission will focus on four key themes:

Enhancing governance legitimacy;

Stimulating innovation;

Ensuring human rights online;

Avoiding systemic risks.

“The work of this vitally important undertaking will be supported by a
highly innovative research program at both CIGI and Chatham House as well
as widespread stakeholder consultations with civil society and the private
sector. The Commission’s work is also intended to build on a number of
important strategic dialogues that are already underway and to feed into
ongoing policy discussions at the global level,” said Fen Osler Hampson,
Director of the Global Security & Politics Program at CIGI.

“The issue of Internet governance is set to become one of the most pressing
global public policy issues of our time. The Commission will work to
develop ideas and propose a policy framework that enhances the legitimacy
of Internet governance whilst preserving innovation. Chatham House is
honoured to partner with Foreign Minister Bildt and CIGI in the Global
Commission on Internet Governance,” said Dr. Robin Niblett, Director of
Chatham House.

Members of the commission currently include the following, with full
biographies available at www.ourinternet.org:

Carl Bildt, Chair of the Global Commission on Internet Governance

Gordon Smith, Deputy Chair of the Global Commission on Internet Governance

Dominic Barton

Pablo Bello

Dae-Whan Chang

Moez Chakchouk

Michael Chertoff

Anriette Esterhuysen

Hartmut Glaser

Dorothy Gordon

Dame Wendy Hall

Fen Osler Hampson

Melissa Hathaway

Patricia Lewis

Mathias Müller von Blumencron

Beth Simone Noveck

Joseph S. Nye

Sir David Omand

Nii Quaynor

Latha Reddy

Marietje Schaake

Tobby Simon

Michael Spence

Paul Twomey

Pindar Wong

“For many people, Internet governance sounds technical and esoteric, but
the reality is that the issues are ‘high politics’ and of consequences to
all users of the Internet, present and future,” said CIGI Distinguished
Fellow Gordon Smith, who is deputy chair of the new commission.

“Internet governance is too important to be left just to governments. The
Internet is a fundamental part of the global economy and how we manage its
future will be decisive in facilitating development for all. Finding a way
through the issues of access, privacy, security, protection and
surveillance requires in-depth consideration and the wisdom that the Global
Commission will provide,” said Dr. Patricia Lewis, Research Director,
International Security Department, Chatham House.

 Among those supporting the commission’s work will be CIGI Senior Fellow
Laura DeNardis, who will act as its Director of Research. Additional
commission members will be confirmed over time.

Regards & best wishes

Naresh Ajwani
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> Dear All,
> I hereby share with you my participation on different organizations:
> ISOC Mexico.- I’m member of the ISOC Chapter in Mexico but have no officer
> responsibilities.
> Creative Commons Mexico.- Legal Co-Lead
> ALAC.- Member appointed by the NomCom for LACRALO
> All the best,
> Dear All,
> I share with you some participation that I have in other organizations
> Vice President of ISOC Argentina Chapter
> President of the IP Committee of the Buenos Aires Bar Association
> Member of the IPC of ICANN (membership committee)
> Member of INTA (International Trademark Association)
> Member of AIPPI
> Hector Ariel Manoff
> El 21/01/2014, a las 08:39, Oliver Süme <os at eco.de> escribió:
> > Dear all,
> >
> > Following the action item and Oliviers introductory information, I’m
> happy
> to summarize my further involvement:
> >
> > I am Vice Chair of the German Internet Industry Association
> > (http://international.eco.de) that will host the European Dialogue on
> > Internet Governance in Berlin, June 2014, see
> >
> > www.eurodig.org
> >
> > The association is also one of the Organizers of the German IGF
> (www.igf-d.de) and appointed a represantative to the WCIT in Dubai 2012 as
> part of the German government delegation.
> >
> > I’m also President of EuroISPA (www.euroispa.org), which is a member of
> the ISPCP at ICANN and involved in the European Internet Governance
> dialogue
> as well.
> >
> > Best
> >
> > Oliver Sueme
> >
> >
> > Am 18.01.2014 um 13:58 schrieb Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond <ocl at gih.com>:
> >
> >> Dear all,
> >>
> >> Friday's call was very productive as we had the visit of Fadi Chehadé.
> >> Members of the working group had the opportunity to ask questions. I
> >> invite members of the WG who have missed the call to listen to the
> >> recording which is linked from the agenda page:
> >>
> >> https://community.icann.org/x/swquAg
> >>
> >> There was also one Action Item on the call:
> >>
> >> "Share via email our involvements in other groups, where are our
> footprints."
> >> This effectively translates to us sharing with other members of the
> >> WG what is our current involvement in other fora so as for us to be
> >> able to establish some understanding as to whom to ask if we have
> >> specific questions, or who can help in specific topics or discussions."
> >>
> >> For instance, I am also the Chair of ALAC and we have At-Large
> >> Structures (ALSes) that are involved in the IGF world, regularly
> >> running workshops at the global IGF. Some of our ALSes are involved
> >> in regional IGFs, including in the steering group of those regional
> >> IGFs. We also have ALSes that work with governments on ITU related
> >> matters; we have ALSes involved in Civil Society. etc.
> >> I am also the Chair of ISOC UK England & therefore closely follow the
> >> happenings there, including a very limited number of IETF working
> >> groups. ISOC UK England have been active in the UK IGF as well as the
> >> British Government's Multistakeholder Advisory Group on Internet
> >> Governance (MAGIG) - and this let me be part of the UK government
> >> delegation at WCIT in Dubai December 2012.
> >>
> >> Aside from this, we also had a discussion about the Charter of the
> >> Working Group during the last 10 minutes of the call. May you please
> >> all comment on the Charter which is also linked for the Agenda page?
> >> Please either comment on the WIKI page itself, or comment by email here.
> >> We aim to be making progress on having a finalised Charter by our next
> call.
> >>
> >> Kind regards,
> >>
> >> Olivier Crépin-Leblond
> >>
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