[ccwg-internet-governance] Public session for CCWG / Singapore meeting

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Thu Jan 30 00:34:07 UTC 2014

On 29/01/2014 22:48, Rafik Dammak wrote:
> I am sending this email to follow-up with the action discussed during
> today's call  : to request the meeting planners to replace (or
> repurpose )the SO/AC Chairs with Community Session (entitled "SO/AC
> led High-Interest Topic" in BA) by  the CCWG with Community Session on
> Monday in Singapore meeting?

BTW - to be clear, this session is the session on the Monday of the
Conference, between 10:30-12:00, which comes immediately after the
opening ceremony.
There are several advantages to this:

- this comes immediately after Fadi's "update" and in Singapore, it is
highly likely that a significant amount of Fadi's spiel will incorporate
updates about the next stop in Internet Governance which is the Brazil
- this is a session that's very well attended with the ICANN community -
so it's a real opportunity to hear from the community about the work we
will have done thus far and to gather their input for our next stage of work
- this happens on Monday hence we have a few days until our F2F meeting
on Wednesday or Thursday (whichever the Doodle Poll will tell us) to
make our next meeting very productive.
==> please fill the DOODLE: http://www.doodle.com/gd2ppnsx9e98fd4t

In 2 weeks, I have a call with SO/AC Chairs & will let them know of this

Kind regards,


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