[ccwg-internet-governance] Beyond NETmundial e-book released

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Wed Sep 10 13:31:13 UTC 2014


On 10-Sep-14 03:46, Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond wrote:

> it would be interesting to hear from you (and others) who participated
> in the day 0 activities, about your take on what's coming up next.
> Thanks,

I was at day 0 events and attended the NM based meetings most of the
day, but don't understand the question.

NMI (the so-called Net Mundial Initiative) is doing its 6 month try to
build a global consensus on itself sort of thing and IGF (Internet
Governance Forum) is struggling to get support for this year and beyond.
 The NMI allegedly support the IGF, but understanding how that happens
when NMI attempts to take all the air of out the discussion passed over
my head.  The book, which I have a chapter in - coincidentally on ICANN
globalization and accountability, was released and discussed.  There was
a lot of good discussion and many interesting PoV (Point(s) of View). It
was an interesting day all in all, though there were some sleepy moments
and the resources (e.g. electric, network and food) at the venue were
rather raw and frustrating.

Understanding ICANN's PoV regarding IGF renewal would be interesting.
And perhaps something this group can work on if it manages to get chartered.

With the advocacy, nay creation, of the NMI concept by ICANN, where do
we stand or our support of various fora and initiatives.

In regard to the renewal of the IGF there are those collecting
signatures for IGF renewal.  Some of us want a ongoing mandate for the
IGF. <http://igfcontinuation.org/> and
<http://bestbits.net/igf-statement-2014/>.  I do not see the ICANN
signature on either of these petitions, but I understand there are
quibbles among many over the wording and there will be other such
petitions.  Will ICANN sign one?  Do we want it to?  Does that matter?

Will ICANN be contributing, not only its fortune but its
favor, on the the renewal of IGF.  In terms of donations I suspect
that ICANN has donated significant financial resources to the NMI (how
much?), and before that to /1net (what did that cost?  what was its
budget?). But have not seen the amounts.  Perhaps this group can
request, and actually get, an accounting of all ICANN donations, both
financial and in kind, to other institutions of the Internet ecosystem.
 For the last 5 years, so we can see the trends. For the most part I
favor such donations, but I expect them to be transparent and
specifically discussed.

In terms of the IGF I can be sure that we have not yet donated, or even
pledged,  to the 2014 budget yet based on the information in

So, what about that charter?


(sent with the hope the list censor will allow it through - do y'all
really want a  censorship process for observer speech?)

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