[ccwg-internet-governance] CCWG on Internet Governance Call on Friday 19 September 2014

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Tue Sep 16 19:29:37 UTC 2014

Dear CCWG on Internet Governance WG participants,

this Friday we'll hold a conference call of the working group which will
include an update on the Charter. I thought I would give you a heads up
that so far I believe the Charter has not been ratified by the ccNSO nor
the GNSO - and if you are a member of one of these organisations, please
be so kind to find out if this is due to a problem that we could perhaps
I am concerned that the chartering of this WG is taking so much time
whilst on the one hand issues of Internet Governance that relate to
ICANN have pretty much bypassed ICANN's volunteer community and on the
other side, SO & AC leaders have been primarily focussed on the IANA
Stewardship Transition & the ICANN Accountability & Governance tracks.

I therefore look forward to your assistance in pushing forward with this.

Kindest regards,


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