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 I think that also, we need to discuss the purpose of this panel session. It sounds like Nigel envisions a readout, or report of past and upcoming activities. ICANN staff are implementing their own plans about these activities, without benefit of the ICANN community perspectives.

Can we all discuss if just a readout is what is appropriate for a session at ICANN where the broader community has a good opportunity to understand the road ahead in Internet governance, and how ICANN fits, and where the issues are far outside of ICANN, and in some cases, where they may have significant impact on ICANN, even if not directly driven by ICANN mission or activities. 

fOne small correction -- it is WSIS +10 as the topic, not WSIS. 
- it is the WSIS +10 Review, part of which is underway with CSTD, part of which was done in the Action Lines Review and HLE/ and part of which is to launch in June 2015.Other events which should be mentioned are the UNESCO Study which is underway and which has significant implications for IG, with its four areas, including the ethical uses of the Internet.  

Speakers:  I am not commenting on speakers at this point -- it is more important to understand if this is a session that ICANN staff are driving to do a promotional of ICANN staff views on IG, or this is a session for the ICANN community to provide views on these events, and external  activities.  Let's make it the latter to maximize the interest and input of the ICANN community. 

So, we as the CCWG should step up our consideration of what the purpose of the session is, and how the community will be responding during the session.   Perhaps we should return to a town hall segment, which the CCWG members would facilitate with the community as participants and commentors.

The CCWG is where we can change the top down approach of the past approach, and truly ensure engagement from the community regarding the IG challenges, and the role of ICANN, including helping to ensure understanding that goes both ways. 

I am wondering if a panel if the right approach -- For example, I  am not going to be able to name all of the ICANN community members who were at IGF but from business, we had about 20+ that are heavily engaged in ICANN and also in IGF. 
additionally from ALAC,  Civil Society and technical community,  ccNS0 members, and GAC members -- Hungary, Portugal, Mexico, Switzerland, UK, Germany, France, Sri Lanka.... Board members were there in good numbers. 

Using panelists cuts down on audience participation, but some kind of framing of what is happening where, and what it means is needed, I agree. So, there is a lot of information that can be provided, but perhaps we can find a way to do it quickly, to allow audience engagement, given the number of highly engaged participants from all different stakeholder groups in the IG space 

I was the business representative to the WSIS +10 negotiations, like many from ICANN, attended NETmundial, will be at ITU Plenipot, and so are many others from the ICANN community, such as Keith Davidson, Keith Drazek, and on and on...  So, we have good participation in the CCWG on IG about many of the events that Nigel has referenced. 

I also sat down with WEF for quite a bit of time to discuss the NETmundial Initiative. 
It is morphing a good deal.While here at World Congress on IT, I think there will be a briefing from WEF on the evolution of the Initiative. 
I can post to the CCWG some of the feedback from that discussion, which might help to prepare the thinking of the CCWG on IG on how much to focus on that initiative.  Did I see that some on the CCWG are actually part of that Initiative in some way? that would be helpful to know about 

Marilyn Cade

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> On Sep 29, 2014, at 8:43 AM, "Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond" <ocl at gih.com> wrote:
> Dear CCWG on IG members,
> now that Nigel is on the mailing list. Do you have any feedback on his message below?
> Also -- are there any volunteers to be on the panel? 
> Kind regards,
> Olivier
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>> Olivier 
>> Good morning; was good to speak.  As noted we have secured a slot for 16.30 on Wednesday afternoon in LA.  The Session is slated to be in two parts.  A general IG update covering issues such as PP-14, IGF and WSIS; and then a specific part on NETMundial / WEF where representatives of Brazil and WEF haven been invited to update ICANN Community. 
>> Would welcome you and / or someone else from CCWG involved; clearly leave suggestions to you, but new faces always welcome
>> Best
>> Nigel 
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