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Thu Apr 9 10:13:16 UTC 2015

Message from Nigel Hickson.


Dear Colleagues


The NETmundial Initiative (https://www.netmundial.org\) whose mission is to
provide a platform that helps catalyze practical cooperation between all
stakeholders in order to address Internet issues and advance the
implementation of the NETmundial Principles, has a many of you will know,
issued a call for comments on its draft Terms of Reference (ToR); with a
deadline for comments on 1 May. 

Our views and ideas on this draft are welcome; which has been informed by
previous community consultations <https://www.netmundial.org/tor-feedback> .

The Initiative is developing its ToR through a consultative process, open to
the global community. 

Comments to help shape the Initiative's way forward can be made directly to
<http://comments.netmundial.org/> http://comments.netmundial.org/   or happy
to co-ordinate a CCWG position; 








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