[ccwg-internet-governance] Implementing WSIS Outcomes: A Ten-year Review report

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I will also post the Mapping document shortly.
How to assess effective engagement at CSTD
I have attended CSTD and Intercessionals for about 8 years, so perhaps can offer some thoughts about how to be most effectivefor the CS/NGO/Tech/BS folks attending, or able to contribute otherwise.
Nigel, thanks much for this. 
I am sure you appreciate the workload of volunteers, who are struggling  already with our day jobs, and our commitment to be useful and meaningful in our contributions to the CSTD IG.  BUT, having an initial staff analysis and draft comments will smooththe way for our ability to contribute.
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Subject: [ccwg-internet-governance] Implementing WSIS Outcomes: A Ten-year	Review report

Good morning.  As discussed previously the UN CSTD meeting in May will consider a “10 year review” of the WSIS Outcomes.  The Report is attached.  
Based on the discussion of this Report a Resolution will be adopted (on the 10 Year Review of WSIS) that will be forwarded to ECOSOC and then to the UNGA as a significant contribution to the discussions at the UNGA on WSIS in December. 
As you can see the Report is not compact!  Fortunately the main interest to ICANN rests in Chapter 7 (IG) stating on Page 141; where ICANN is mentioned on Page 149. 
During the discussion in CSTD ICANN and others will have opportunity to make comments on Report and to stress which messages should be highlighted in Resolution for ECOSOC. 
Thus would be really grateful for any views on content of Chapter 7 (or other parts).   If these could be forthcoming by 1st May that would be great. 

Dear Sir/Madam,Please find attached an electronic copy of the report "Implementing WSIS Outcomes: A Ten-year Review". It was prepared by the CSTD secretariat to assist the Commission in considering the ten-year review of WSIS outcomes,
 which it has been requested to make, through the ECOSOC, to the General Assembly, in 2015. Along with the report, which will be also sent to you as a print-out copy in May, I would like to warmly
 thank you for participating in the online consultation concerning the review. Contributions that were submitted by governments and all stakeholders during the period from 27 June to 15 September 2014 served as important evidence in the making of the report.
 They are also available to the Commission and to the general public on the CSTD website
http://unctad.org/en/Pages/CSTD/WSIS-10yearReview.aspx (with the exception of those who
 did not wish their contributions to be uploaded). Please be informed that the discussions on the CSTD ten-year review of WSIS will take place in Geneva during the Commission's 18th session from 4-8 May, 2015. Web cast will be made available of the
 discussion concerning this topic on Tuesday, 5 May. 
More information on the session is available at:

Best regards, 
Anne Miroux 
Director, Division on Technology and Logistics  (UNCTAD)

Head of the CSTD Secretariat 


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