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Sam Lanfranco sam at lanfranco.net
Thu Apr 30 12:56:52 UTC 2015

Thanks to Greg Shatan for providing the text of Assistant Secretary 
Strickling’s comments to the Internet2 Global Summit.


I would like to cite Assistant Secretary Strickling’s comment about the 
definition of the multistakeholder model as “..different interest groups 
coming together on an equal footing to..” and flag a concern and a 
challenge endemic to the implementation of the multistakeholder model. 
The ability of different interest groups to be present “on an equal 
footing” is challenged on two fronts.

Some constituencies are present as part of well-funded constituency 
strategies, or government resources, whereas other constituency 
participation is based on voluntary effort constrained by limited 
resources. This presents a challenge to “equal footing” across 
constituencies in the consensus process. As well, the breadth and depth 
of participation within individual constituencies in such circumstances 
is both unequal and uneven, and a long way from, for example, the 
democratic notion broad participation in the governance process. This 
leaves the consensus process open to partial capture by constituencies 
with narrow objectives generous resources. It also leaves large segments 
of other constituencies without a voice in the consensus process, and an 
extreme reliance on small groups of dedicated individual volunteers.

Sam L.
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