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My sincere apologies, but I have several conflicts and will not be able to join today's call.

Happy new year to all.

Best regards,

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Hello all,

adding Bill's comments during the last conference call (from the transcript) when we discussed this:

Bill Drake: But what I would like to see, is whether we could instruct to mobilize people around providing some kind of joint statement inputs into that process, because I don't know if you've -- I mean, I talked about this at the last session the last time we did this thing, the stilted one, but there is supposed to be a mechanism for the WSIS+10 Geneva -- I'm sorry -- New York meeting for stakeholders to provide input. And if the ICANN community were to provide some sort of input into that process in the way it did for NETMundial, I would think that will be really, really useful, personally. And so, if I were to talk about this topic, I would want to spin it more towards, you know, how will we, maybe, put together a process to begin sort of articulate the view, and what kinds of points would we want to put out there on the table for governments, or just consideration in the General Assembly.
And the last point I would make is, if we can somehow get a room that's not structured the same way. I've said this before and I'm going to say it again, the structure that room totally worked against us I think, so anything that we can do to try to get a more large U-type environment of something going on would really, really be good.

So we have the proposal below with a suggestion from Bill to make the 2nd part more interactive & collecting actual input from people present in the room.
Also - a suggestion that we ask for a U-shape set-up. This did not translate to an Action Item on the call itself, but we absolutely need to follow-up on this. Since this is not the WG's session but the Public Session, could we ask Nigel to follow-up & find out of a U-shape would be possible?

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On 05/01/2015 16:52, Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond wrote:
Dear all,

I trust you are all on your way back to the world of ICANN after a good holiday break.

A follow-up from our last call is to start preparations for the Internet Governance Public Session at ICANN 52.
In December, Jordan Carter sent out the suggestion that Rafik, Jordan & I had discussed. We attempted to discuss it in the last CCWG on IG call ( https://community.icann.org/x/YYcQAw ) but ran out of time.

Here goes:

Plan for the Public Internet Governance Session at ICANN 52 in Singapore

Public Sessions are a good chance for the community to discuss issues of substance and give feedback to the CCWG and to ICANN staff. They aren't good to use for long updates on IG issues.  In a 90 minute time slot there might be time for a bigger discussion of a current issue, and a shorter presentation of an upcoming issue. It is also a good opportunity for community members in the WG, and ICANN staff, to work together.

We suggest two topics:

  *   Discussion - the NetMundial Initiative - get a senior ICANN staffer and an external group with a different point of view (perhaps Kathy Brown from ISOC) to talk about their different perspectives, and then community feedback and debate (~50 mins)
  *   Presentation - the WSIS+10 Review - get a responsible ICANN staffer and a CCWG member following the issue to highlight the main points of this Review that the ICANN community needs to pay attention to and ask questions about (~30 mins)

The remaining time could be to raise other issues or a quick report back from the CCWG and ICANN staff.

We will spend the majority of our next call preparing this session.
If you cannot make it to the call on Tuesday ( https://community.icann.org/x/L4wQAw ) please email your comments and suggestions to the list prior to the call.

Apologies if you have forgotten the already expressed feedback. If you have responded, please resend again as this will help refresh my mind after the holiday diversions. :-)

Kindest regards,



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