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Jörg Schweiger schweiger at denic.de
Wed Jan 7 07:20:03 UTC 2015

Dear  Olivier,

ad 1) I'd agree that whilst the Singapore meeting it's just not the right 
time to elaborate on the NMI - nevertheless we need to take a look at the 
outcome of the first NMI meeting (after Singapore).

ad 2) Isn't that a discussion that neededs to take place at the IGF 
(first). I'd be interested to hear views on the topic, wondering if this 
could be a substantiell step forward for the group.

ad 3) I strongly doubt that Cybersecurity is best accomodated at this 

ad 4) That could be a result of our work. Do we have anything to present, 

With all the working groups that have been set-up recently, I would 
present what the group is chartered to do and ask the community what their 
expectations are.

Just my 5 cents as a non call participant



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Draft agenda - CCWG IG call of Jan 6th at 15:15 UTC
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Dear all,

The majority of today's conference call was spent discussing the 
arrangements for the Internet Governance Public Session at the forthcoming 
Singapore ICANN 53 meeting.

Staff are following-up regarding room bookings/logistics. Consensus needs 
to be found on the topics and how they are to be addressed.

The following topics were suggested:

1. NetMundial Initiative // update
This could be an update on NetMundial. Bearing in mind the first meeting 
of the NMI Coordination Group will take place after ICANN Singapore, doubt 
was cast on whether this was going to be helpful.
The "debate" initially suggested gained little traction on the call.

2. Strengthening the IGF
A discussion around the topic - inviting Janis Karklins & Chengetai 

3. Cybersecurity
This is a hot topic on the Internet - possibly lead by volunteers from 

4. Coordinating between ICANN the Corporation & ICANN the Community
Coming up with a Framework in which ICANN engages the community - this is 
an ICANN's wide issue

Most participants on the call preferred using the public session as an 
opportunity for discussion and collecting input from everyone in the room 
rather than as a way to update the community on topics of Internet 
Governance. The time should not be used for progress reports.

4 topics are too many topics for the 60-75-90 minutes (TBD) which we'll 
have so we need to reduce the number of topics to probably 2, with one 
main topic and a second topic.

Please indicate your preferences and why?

Kindest regards,


On 05/01/2015 11:01, Renate DeWulf wrote:
Dear all,
The draft agenda for tomorrow’s CCWG IG call is available on the wiki 
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