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Apologies for not making the call, I was just off a plane from the Noncontracted Parties House meeting in DC and preoccupied.

> On Jan 15, 2015, at 8:53 PM, Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond <ocl at gih.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> on our call today we discussed the details of the Internet Governance Public Session in Singapore. With no idea of the current time allocation (75 or 90 minutes) we ended up proposing a percentage of the total time to be devoted to two topics:
> TOPIC 1: 40% of total time on NMI and other IG updates
> TOPIC 2: 60% of total time Relation between staff and the community regarding IG ecosystem topics
> Panel discussion with the Audience on NMI & other IG updates
> Proposed people on the panel:
> Wolfgang Kleinwaechter (Special Ambassador to the Initiative)
> Janis Karklins
> Kathy Brown (ISOC)
> Ambassador Benedicto Fonseca (Brazil)
> We aim to keep the panel very small. No presentation slides. Max speaking time 2 minutes


> ~which makes is 10 minutes of panellists speaking. An update of what happened at the WEF would be welcome and the audience would be encouraged to ask questions on the topics of NMI and other IG topics.

One might note that 5 of 20 NMI Coordination Council members are in NCUC/NCSG (plus the 'Ambassador’), at least 4 of these will be in Singapore, and the CC will be working on the Terms of Reference over the next couple weeks.  I imagine someone could bring thoughts on that to the table if there’s interest.

As for Davos, there are a number of Internet and IG related events planned, and I’ll be on a panel with Fadi and Kathy.  I could provide an update if there’s interest.
> Relation between staff and the community regarding IG ecosystem topics.
> We need to think of invitations for people to be on the panel.
> Suggestions:
> ICANN: Nigel Hickson, Anne Rache Inne, Sally Costerton? Tarek Kamel?

The right people, but it’s unclear if we'd need four saying pretty much the same thing.  Maybe they could work out a division of labor?

> Community: Marilyn Cade, others?

Everyone has views on this, do we need to designate speakers or just let people respond openly to the discussion?


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