[ccwg-internet-governance] Summary of today's CCWG on IG call

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Thu Jan 22 14:56:37 UTC 2015

Hello all,

we had a low turn-out today, possibly caused by the time at which we
held the call.

As a result, we need your urgent feedback on the points below:

The Agenda centred on the preparations for the two Singapore meetings.

/1. Public Session of the CCWG/

U-shape room arrangement requested and to be confirmed.
It was suggested that since the first and the second topics were so
different from each other, we should have two moderators - one for each

*Topic 1: Panel discussion with the Audience on NMI & other IG updates*

Moderator/facilitator / should be very knowledgeable about NMI to
stimulate discussion:
- Board member? (as has been the case in prior meetings)
- Some one from the NMI Coordinating Council?
- Nora Abu Sita?
- Bill Drake? (who volunteered on the call)

We also need to give a guide to invitees about the degree to which they
should focus only on NetMundial or other IG topics too.

Current list of invitees was confirmed as follows:
- Wolfgang Kleinwaechter (Special Ambassador to the Initiative)
- Janis Karklins
- Kathy Brown (ISOC)
- Ambassador Benedicto Fonseca (Brazil)

If there are no objections, we'll ask Staff to send out the invitations.

It was noted that this was a very short session for 30 minutes. Consider
extending to 40 minutes and reducing topic 2 to 35 minutes?

*Topic 2: Relation between staff and the community regarding IG
ecosystem topics.*

There are 2 issues we need to address in particular:
1. What kind of communication can we put in place to make sure there is
a heightened level of awareness about what Internet Governance
activities are anticipated from the Board/Staff. How do we make sure we
do not have that gap?
2. How are staff aware of the needs of the ICANN community? Is this the
environment in which we do that?

Head to head with a moderator? [ ie. U-shape where invitees face each
other ]
Invitees: 3 co-Chairs + Tarek + Anne-Rachel?
Session Chair? Perhaps one of the CCWG Chairs?
Specific questions?

Suggestion: in order to provide a strong starting point to the
discussion of Topic 2, Tarek Kamel to write a blog post and could refer
to it during Topic 2. This way we save time on describing details and
allow more time for discussion.

/2. CCWG F2F Agenda/

Proposal to consolidate the agenda:

1 - Address the relationship between the Community and ICANN staff on IG
ecosystem in this session as well. (Marilyn) Preparing the IG Public
Session (if it happens after the F2F session)- (Olivier).
Rationale: this CCWG meeting will take place before its public session
and this is a good opportunity to prepare the points that should be
addressed/discussed in the public session.

2 - Understanding how the CCWG on IG membership is organized according
to the Charter (Olivier) – revise to allow observers who haven’t been
nominated by SO/AC/SG (Marilyn).
Rationale: although this is a process topic, we need to resolve this
discrepancy as soon as possible.

3 - Look at calendar of forthcoming activities and plan for the next
session of topics until the June ICANN meeting (Olivier)   Plan the June
ICANN meeting in Buenoa Aires and request from staff a specific slot for
the F2F CCWG IG (Marilyn)
Rationale: this would lay down the road to Buenos Aires and possibly
assign responsibilities to various group members to drive work forward.

--- end ---

Please be so kind to provide your feedback on the above ASAP.

Kind regards,

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